Setting the Wedding: Part 2

Welcome back to Setting the Wedding! We’re now seven months out and I’m happy to report that I’ve gotten a good amount of things done recently. With a schedule that’s already super busy, it’s been a challenge to work in time to plan wedding details but we’re getting it done. This is why I mentioned in my first post that I wasn’t in any hurry. We don’t want to miss any details and we definitely don’t want to rush or put extra stress on ourselves. Honestly, I think we’re doing a pretty good job!
If you’re not completely caught up, go ahead and check out our Engagement Story and Part 1 of this Setting the Wedding series first to see what we’ve already been able to check off our list.

One exciting thing (even though they’re all exciting to us right now) that we got done this month was select our wedding party. We decided to keep things simple and easy for this, just as we’re doing for everything else. My little sister will be my maid of honor and Jacob’s little brother will be his best man. Those are the only two people that will be standing beside us as we get married.
I’m sure both of them already knew what was coming and would’ve been perfectly fine with just asking the question, but I wanted to do something special. For my sister, I found this cute box that matches our color theme and filled it with paper shreds, a bride tribe coffee cup, two K Cups, a tinted lip balm, and nail polish. The poem on it read, “I have my mister, but I can’t say ‘I Do’ without my sister. Will you be my maid of honor?”

I forgot to take a picture of what we did for Jacob’s brother, but we got him a set of hankies not only because they come in handy but also as a little joke. His poem said, “Here’s a hanky to hold, while emotions unfold, will you be my best man and be so bold?” We love both of them dearly and they’ve been with us from the very beginning, so it only made sense and was a decision we already had made up before we even got engaged.
I know in Part 1 I said that we were gonna skip on the Save the Dates, but my mom started thinking about it more and thought we should do it. So we made that decision at the last minute, had my sister come over to take our picture, and ordered them the same day. I currently have them sitting on the counter, but will be getting around to mailing those out soon. For being such last minute, I’m really happy with the way everything turned out. Especially because none of us are professional photographers! And it was extra special because these photos were taken at the same beach park where Jacob proposed. ♥

Speaking of professional photographers, that is another thing we can check off the list. We met the sweetest couple, loved their work, and booked the date with them. We also have an engagement session coming up in May and I’m so excited about it! Another important person we booked is our officiant and as silly as it sounds at first, he will also be our DJ! This man seriously does everything and I don’t know if he ever catches a break.
We took my sister and my dad to see the venue because they weren’t able to make it on our first visit and during that time, we also met with the wedding day coordinator. Since our wedding won’t be that big, I won’t be hiring a wedding planner but I would like someone to help me on the wedding day to make sure things run as smoothly as possible.

Honeymoon locations is what were are currently working on, aside from the Save the Date cards. We’ve been focusing on staying around the Caribbean area and as much as I would loveee an over-the-water bungalow, they are insanely expensive and don’t offer as many options as other places. Within the past week we were looking at Sandals resorts and those seem very interesting. We’ll definitely be looking more into those and booking it hopefully soon because we’ve even seen some of those sold out already.
As far as what is still on our to-do list besides the honeymoon location and mailing the save the dates, we need to compile and refine the guest list and arrange for our families to meet. When I said earlier about schedules being full, I was not kidding! A few things that are listed in my planner that we will be skipping is a videographer, a caterer (more on that later), blocks of hotel rooms, and creating a wedding website (obviously what you’re reading now).

Things are slowly, but surely coming along. Even though we’re a whole seven months out, I’m already getting choked up every time I talk about specific details with people. I seriously had to fight back tears when visiting the venue, talking with the photographers, emailing the officiant, and meeting with the wedding day coordinator. These are some of the nicest, most kind and caring people I have ever met. I’m so surprised and grateful to be working with them on such a special event in my life. Everyone always tells you that planning a wedding is stressful, but we’re either doing something right or we just haven’t gotten to that part yet because I’m having a blast. ♥

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Since today is the first day of Spring, what better color to wear than a bright pink? The shade I chose this week is VIP by Sinful Colors. This is one from their Sinful Shine collection, which claims to be more like a gel formula. I don’t really see any difference between the two formulas, though. I love them both and this color!
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