Norvell Venetian Self Tanning Mousse Review

Spring is in full swing and Summer is right around the corner. Once the sun comes back out and the weather starts to warm up, it’s time to get some color back on the skin. I don’t typically apply much self tanner, if any at all, during Winter because it’s just not very natural looking for that time of year. However, I also don’t want to look blinding white the first time I put on a pair of shorts either. It’s always a happy moment when I can start reaching for my self tans again.

For the past few years, I’ve pretty much stuck to my favorite St. Moriz Fast Self Tanning Mousse. I love how quick it works and how dark of a color that it provides, but I’m always open to trying something new. This Norvell Venetian Self Tanning Mousse looked promising because it’s from a professional brand and seems to be made with more advanced tanning technologies.  

This retails for $30 and comes with 8 oz of product. If purchased on the Norvell brand website, they also include an applicator mitt. As silly as it may sound, the mitt is my absolute favorite. It’s very plush and soft with an almost velvet-like feel. On its own, the tanning mitt retails for $12.

What makes this tanning mousse different from the rest is that it is made with their Vio-7 anti-orange formula, which includes a blend of violet and brown bronzers to give the most natural, just-off-the-beach color. The fragrance that this is made with is called Paradise Breeze, which smells like cherry and almond nougat.
Below you can see the before photo with absolutely no self tan compared to what my skin looked like immediately after application. I only applied one coat of the tan and blended it in with the included mitt. They claim for this to be a light-weight velvety mousse that provides immediate color, and I completely agree. It was extremely easy to blend in, although I’m still doing some testing to see if that’s from the mousse formula or the mitt.
I left this on for a full 8 hours, as directed. Below you can see the color it left behind immediately after washing it off versus 24 hours later. They say this tan will deepen within the first 24 hours and although it wasn’t anything drastic, I did notice a little something.

Some other things to note is that the Paradise Breeze scent did last the entire time I had the tanning mousse on my body and I only noticed a very slight DHA smell after removing it. DHA stands for dihydroxyacetone, which is the active ingredient in self-tanners that reacts with skin to cause a color change and the infamous self-tan smell.
You can see in the before and after photo shown below just how much color this really does add to the skin. I don’t think it’s as dark as I would necessarily like to be, but it is a nice color for this time of year. Eight hours is a long time to wait to wash this off, compared to the three hours that I’m used to with St. Moriz. But if you tan at night, it shouldn’t be a problem. However, you’d probably need to change your sheets afterwards because the scent can linger on the pillow and anything else you touch.
Besides the mitt and how easily the mousse actually applied, this has to be the most even tan I’ve ever gotten from a self-tanner before. I applied it in my usual method and didn’t get any patches around my knees or elbows. It also faded more evenly than any of the other tanners I’ve used before. Even my husband noticed a difference! If you’ve been looking for a good self-tanning mousse, I definitely recommend this one.

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