Wet n Wild Rose in the Air Review

One of the best things about drugstore makeup is when they dupe higher end products. I’ve never understood or respected brands who charge so much, whether it’s makeup, fashion, food, or anything else. I will always choose the more affordable option not only because I appreciate their price point, but also because I’m curious as to how good the less expensive option actually is. I’ve had a lot of positive experience with Wet n Wild products in the past and I just had to see what these new larger palettes were all about.

I’ve reviewed the Wet n Wild My Glamour Squad palette a few months ago, but this Rose in the Air palette was actually the first I had tried of their new 10-pan set up. I did like the color scheme of the My Glamour Squad palette better, which is why I reviewed it first. It was so exciting and I couldn’t wait! That palette was compared to the Anastasia Soft Glam palette. This Rose in the Air palette has been widely compared to the Anastasia Modern Renaissance.
I don’t own either of the Anastasia palettes and I’ve never even touched any of their eyeshadows before. Those palettes retail at $42 for 14 eyeshadows, whereas the Wet n Wild are only $5! You do get 4 less eyeshadows in the Wet n Wild palettes, but at that price difference there’s really no room to complain.

There are no shade names on the Wet n Wild eyeshadows, and there is no mirror or applicator included. I’m perfectly fine providing my own mirror and applicator, but shade names would have been appreciated. However, it’s no surprise since that’s not very typical of Wet n Wild eyeshadow palettes.
Out of the ten eyeshadows in the palette, eight are matte and only two are shimmer. The matte lover in me is lovinggg that ratio! In the swatch picture below, I have them in the order that they are listed on the back of the palette. The only shimmers are shades three and five. Surprisingly, those are the two I’ve been the most disappointed with.

All of the mattes in the palette are extremely smooth and very pigmented. That’s normally the case with Wet n Wild shimmers as well, but the two in this palette are very dry and difficult to work with. Even if I prep the eyes properly and put in the work to build up the pigmentation, both of the shimmers are gone within 2-3 hours.
I didn’t think I’d appreciate the color scheme in this palette as much as I’ve learned to like it. There seems to be an equal amount of warm and cool toned eyeshadows, which could be combined together or kept separate for a variety of different looks. Stay tuned for a tutorial coming on Friday! The fourth shade is probably the most unique color in the palette. It’s one that first caught my attention because I don’t have any other light purples like it in my collection.

With a primer, these wear very well on the eyes. I’ve been able to go an entire eight hours with minimal fading and zero creasing. The formula is easy to work with and I’ve never had a problem with the shades muddying together. It does have a matte brightener shade and a dark eyeliner shade, which are two things I always look for in a palette. They did try to include a bright shimmer for the lid, but unfortunately missed the mark with that one. Other than that shimmer, I really don’t have any complaints.

If you’ve been curious about the Modern Renaissance palette, but don’t want to spend the money I’d definitely recommend trying this instead. It provides the same color scheme with great quality for a fraction of the price.

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I was feeling a more muted color this week, so I went with Sally Hansen’s Camo Queen. This has to be one of the most flattering green nail polishes I think I’ve ever found. It goes on effortlessly because of the curved brush and the formula is wonderful. I’ve even worn this with some white and gold accents before and loved that combination as well.
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