May Favorites

Woah, did this month fly by fast! We had plans keeping us busy almost all month long, I don’t even remember passing by each individual day. You’d think with as busy as I was, I would’ve found some new favorites along the way but that wasn’t the case. There are a few new finds, but for the most part I stuck with my tried and true favorites that I knew I could trust.

My first (and biggest) favorite of the month was our Disney trip!! We’ve been planning to go to Disney for over a year now and it kept getting pushed back for one reason or another. Finally, I had enough of it and couldn’t wait any longer. It ended up being a blessing in disguise, which I’ll go into more detail in an upcoming post next week discussing more of our trip.

We got a 3 day pass and went to Epcot, Magic Kingdom, and Animal Kingdom. Thankfully the lines weren’t too long, but the heat was unbearable. We had so much fun, though. It was definitely my favorite Disney trip I’ve taken because this time I got to experience it with my husband. ♥
Pilates has changed my life over the past two years. I never would’ve thought it would have made the difference that it has. I’m in such good shape and it’s an exercise that I actually look forward to doing every day. Throughout my Pilates journey, I’ve learned about foam rolling. Not only is foam rolling just fun to do, it’s like a 5-10 minute full-body massage! I do this anytime my muscles feel a little tense and it immediately makes me feel 100 times better. I even brought this with me on our vacation and I don’t know how I would’ve gotten through all 3 days of Disney without it!
I don’t travel very often, so when I do it can kind of be overwhelming figuring out what to pack. Investing in good luggage makes it so much easier. This Lug Trolley case is perfect to hold all of my makeup. I used to separate it into smaller makeup bags, but this has all the space to hold everything I need - even palettes! I didn’t really end up wearing any makeup while we were at Disney, but the makeup I did use was super easy to find thanks to this bag.
I did a post a long time ago featuring my favorite sun care products. I still stand behind all those products, but I do have a new favorite sunscreen. This is the Equate (Walmart brand) Sport sunscreen, and believe it or not, it had a better rating in Consumer Reports than the name brand sunscreens. Normally I just use SPF 30, but I bought SPF 50 to bring with us to Disney. We applied it in the morning before we left for the day and didn’t get a sunburn once during the entire trip!
If y’all only knew how many natural deodorants I’ve tried! As much as I don’t want aluminum in my deodorant, it seems like I have no choice. I’m not much of a sweater, but something about natural deodorants always makes me sweat. Every time I try one and go out in the heat, I’d be better off not wearing any at all. I’ve tried so many different brands, I’ve gone through the whole detoxing phase, and it just doesn’t work. So I gave up and went back to what does work - the Secret Outlast deodorant.
One of the best parts about the weather getting warmer is that I finally get to bring out my self tan again! I’ve tested a few at the beginning of Spring and couldn’t wait to get back to my favorite -- the St. Moriz Fast Self Tanning Mousse! I had to repurchase a new bottle and I’m about 98% positive that they changed something about it, but for the better. It had a bronze color guard that was more intense (compared to the previous green tint it had) and left me darker than I remember. This is definitely the best there is for the price!
Last month, I included two skincare favorites I’ve been obsessed with -- the Pixi Peel & Polish (full review coming next week) and the Pixi Rose Flash Balm. I’m still completely adoring those two, but have also really been impressed with this Derma E Microdermabrasion scrub. It smells delicious, and leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean and so smooth! It also comes in a glass container, which makes it seem super fancy.
With all the self tanning I’ve been doing, I’ve been wearing my bronzers down! I don’t self tan my face, so there’s a lot of color matching to be done in my makeup routine. As you can tell by all the pan showing in the photo below, this Neutrogena Healthy Skin bronzer in the shade Sunkissed has been getting a lot of love. The color of this bronzer is so natural looking and I love that I can comfortably wear it as much as I want because it doesn’t include talc.
When it comes to makeup and eyeshadow, I’ve really been all over the place but mainly using favorite palettes that I’ve mentioned way too many times already. One that is new to my collection (again) is the L’oreal Lash Paradise Waterproof mascara. This is literally the only makeup product I wore in the Disney parks! It can be a pain to come off, but it absolutely does not budge throughout the day. With all the heat, humidity, and sweating that was going on my lashes looked just as good at the end of the day as they did in the morning. This mascara held the curl all day and didn’t flake or move around at all.
As I mentioned in my recent empties, I used to really like the Eos balms. I repurchased the Summer Fruit scent multiple times, but I had to throw my last one away after it started smelling bad. Instead of repurchasing one of the little balls, I went for their stick option (Pure & Free) that is unscented. It has the same lightweight formula and is what I always apply underneath any lipstick or lipgloss.
My last favorite I have for this month is the Appeal Cosmetics Holographic lip gloss. I wasn’t sure about the holographic aspect of it at first, but I really like the dimension it adds to the lips. I like layering this over a liquid lipstick to keep the lips moisturized and add a gloss to the dry, matte finish most liquid lip products tend to have.
This was such a busy month, but it was actually a nice change of pace compared to our usual relaxed schedules. I also really enjoyed having an excuse to almost exclusively use my favorite makeup products rather than testing a bunch of new products and having to power through bad makeup days. It’s nice to be reminded by my favorite products of how high the standards should be while testing new products.

I hope you enjoyed this post! If you have any questions about any of the products I mentioned, please feel free to leave them for me in the comments. Have you tried any of these products before? What were some of your May favorites?
XO ♥ Christina ♥

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