How to Make Your Nose Look Smaller

Besides makeup just being fun to play with, the magic it can create is one of the first things that caught my interest years ago and made me want to learn as much as I could. It’s not just about putting makeup on to get ready every day. Makeup has the power to completely transform features on the face and in this post, we’re focusing on the nose. Making it look smaller, shorter, stumpy, pointy, whatever you prefer!
Although my nose shape is similar to a lot of those in my family, I think it’s just a little too wide when paired with some of my other facial features. For example, I also have very round and full cheeks. My cheeks in combination with my nose tend to make my face look more round than I would prefer. For reasons we won’t get into, plastic surgery is just not an option. So instead, I use makeup every day to create optical illusions to make certain facial features, like my nose, appear smaller.

To do this, I use either a contour powder or a bronzer.. Contour and bronzer are two different products, which is a discussion for another day, but in this case it won’t matter which product you choose. My two favorites are Makeup Geek’s Love Triangle and Bad Habit. I switch between the two, or combine them, depending on how tan I am. Neutrogena’s Sunkissed bronzer is another one I use frequently.
All you have to do is take the bronzer, or contour powder, on a small brush and draw a line down the sides of the nose. Make sure to blend it out afterwards and that’s it! By shading the sides, the eyes get drawn down the center of the nose, making it appear thinner. You can also blend a little bit of the bronzer into a small “v” shape on the tip of the nose to make it appear shorter. Another option is to draw a line across the top of the nose about a third of the way up to create more of a button shape.
This is one of my favorite makeup tricks because it makes such a difference to the way my face looks, but without making such a permanent commitment as plastic surgery. It only takes a few seconds to do and the fact that it was done with makeup is completely undetectable. When applied and blended correctly, the “new” shape of the nose looks completely natural. The next time you apply bronzer, take a few seconds to try this trick. It’s like magic!

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