Peter Thomas Roth Lashes to Die For Review

Eyelashes are one of my biggest makeup and skincare obsessions. They’re such an important part when it comes to looking put together. Even if you don’t have any makeup on, lashes that are curled, lengthened, and volumized will add dimension to the face and make you look more awake. However, even with as much as I love lashes, I am absolutely not interested at all in taking the risk with lash extensions. Serums seem to be a safer option and Peter Thomas Roth is a brand I’d expect to do it right. They recently released their new Lashes to Die For Turbo Conditioning Lash Enhancer and after using this serum exclusively for six weeks, omggg!
Peter Thomas Roth is a very high-end brand. For example, this serum comes with only .16 fl oz and retails for $85! That price point used to be the norm for lash serums. Now, it’s considered to be a high price compared to its current competitors that have released more affordable options.

The first thing that stood out to me when I opened this product was the applicator. I’ve used lash serums with a wand and a brush, but have never seen them combined. This design is genius and perfect for its purpose!

The claims of this serum are to visibly improve lash length, thickness, density, and fullness with its highly potent Peptide Complex and Biotin blend. Some of its other ingredients include a Conditioning Complex that will moisturize and soften the lashes, Tahitian Plankton Extract which will enhance the appearance of dry, brittle lashes, and Vitamins A, C, and E that provide nutrients and antioxidants to help amplify the benefits of the serum.
This product is only supposed to be applied to clean skin once a night. I used the brush to apply the serum to my upper and lower lash lines, as if I were applying liquid eyeliner, and then I brushed the wand through the lashes, wiggling back and forth to make sure every lash was coated evenly. They say this product is safe to use on the eyebrows, so I’d also comb through those as well.

The photo below shows my before and after results. The two photos on top are before and the two photos on bottom were my results after six weeks of nightly applications. You can see a slight difference in the photos, but the results were especially noticeable when I’d wear mascara. If I looked in the mirror with no makeup, I could maybe see a little bit of a difference. But as soon as I applied mascara, I could immediately tell that my lashes were longer and more full than they ever were before. I also noticed I was growing more brow hairs than usual!
It’s definitely not the difference and lash oomph you’d get from extensions, but we’re working with natural lashes here. I have a DIY serum that I really like, though it’s never given me results like this. And the Peter Thomas Roth serum is much better than the one I had tried from L’oreal.

Overall, I’m really happy with the results I got from this serum. I love how quickly it dried after application and I’d smile every time I’d put mascara on, actually being able to notice my lashes! My only problem is the price, $85 is kinda ridiculous in my opinion. Even with as much as I love lashes and the results this gave me, I don’t know that it’s worth it for something that’s not a complete necessity.

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This serum did get sent to me complimentary, but all opinions are my own and this review was not required in exchange for the product.*

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