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It’s been such a long time since I’ve used NYX eyeshadows, or really any NYX products for that matter. I was recently digging through my makeup collection to rediscover old products and I found this NYX Dream Catcher palette. I had almost completely forgotten about it! I posted a full review of this years ago when I first started my blog and even included it in a fails post! This palette is still available on the NYX website, so I thought it’d be fun to feature it in a tutorial and see if I still feel the same way about it after all this time.
I started by priming my eyes with the Milani eyeshadow primer. This one is completely matte and doesn’t add any pigmentation to the eyelid, although I’m sure we’re going to need it with the quality of these eyeshadows. The best way to apply eyeshadow primer is to pat it on and allow it to dry before opening your eyes or letting it crease.
Going straight into the palette, I’m taking the brown shade (2nd to last in the top row) and applying that into my crease. This will give a little bit of definition in the crease and will provide a soft gradient to the darker shades we’ll be applying below on the lid.
Then I’m taking the deep brown (middle shade in the bottom row) and packing that onto the outer third of my eyelid. Although this shade is pretty pigmented, it still took a few extra dips into the shadow before looking evenly applied on the lid.
Once I got that shade as dark as I wanted, I went back to the first brown transition shade and blended that around the edges both in the crease and on the eyelid. This will create a more diffused look and add dimension between the cool and warm toned browns.
I tried adding a little bit of the lighter tan (middle shade in the top row), but that didn’t really do much of anything. So instead, I took the gold shade on a smaller blending brush and added that right to the edge of the other colors in the crease. I was looking to add some more warmth to the eye, but I wasn’t a fan of the glitter specks that came along with it.
Once the crease and outer corner shades were finished, I took some of that first brown shade and applied that along the lower lash line. This will help tie everything together and keep it from being too top heavy on the upper lid.
Going back to finish the upper eyelid, I’m taking the shimmery taupe shade (second in the bottom row) and packing that on with my finger. This isn’t a very pigmented shade, so using my finger to apply it will help to provide as much depth as this color can offer.
In hopes of creating a little more dimension on the eye, I went into the shimmery champagne shade in the top row and added that to the inner part of the eyelid directly on top of the taupe shade we just applied. This did do a little something, but not as much as I was looking for.
After I did all I could with the eyelid, I took the matte white shade in the bottom row and placed that underneath the eyebrows and right on the very inner corner of the eye. This will help to highlight and brighten the eye area, preventing it from looking too dark or flat.
Moving onto eyeliner, I first applied Hikari’s retractable eyeliner in the shade Raven halfway along both the upper and lower lashes. Then I took the dark charcoal shade from the bottom row in the palette and applied that on top to create a more smoked out effect that will help the liner last longer throughout the day.
Now all there’s left to do is curl the lashes and add three coats of mascara. I used my favorite Benefit Roller Lash mascara because it provides all the length and volume I’m looking for without having to reach for anything else.
Here’s a close up of the final look:
And a quick, more condensed guide for easy reference:
To finish the look, I wanted to bring in a berry lip...what else is new?? I found the Essence Water Kiss lip gloss in my collection and decided to go with that since I didn’t really remember much about it. The shade is Aquatic Chic and it’s definitely giving me all the Fall vibes!
Although I was pretty pleased with the way this look turned out, it was definitely a struggle to get here! I still feel just as disappointed with this palette as I always have. The pigmentation and blendability makes these shadows so difficult to work with. There are probably multiple other products in my collection that can create an almost identical look with half the effort.

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