Storybook Cosmetics Robin Hood Palette Review

Storybook Cosmetics has some of the absolute cutest packaging I’ve ever seen. It might not always be very practical, which we’ll discuss later on in this review, but it’s so super cute! I haven’t heard much about this brand or the quality of their products, which made testing this Robin Hood eyeshadow palette even more exciting.
The entire outside packaging looks nothing like an eyeshadow palette. It really does look like a fairy tale storybook! When thinking about it from a collector’s perspective, it doesn’t get much cuter than this.

However, it’s not very practical because there is so much wasted space. If the palette had to be this thick and bulky, it would’ve been nice to have two layers of eyeshadows. Whether that be in a fold-out form or a pull-out drawer, more shadows would make it not seem like such a waste.
As far as I know, this palette is only officially available on the Storybook Cosmetics brand website and the regular retail price is $35. However, I got this in my December Boxycharm. The palette is set in cardboard packaging and has a magnetic closure. There is a small mirror on the inside, along with six eyeshadows.
The shadows shown from left to right in the swatch picture below are: Maid Marian, Quiver, Nottingham, Forest, Merry Men, and Robin Hood. Every shade in the palette is matte, with the exception of Maid Marian and Robin Hood which have a shimmer finish.

For the most part, the formula is very smooth and the pigmentation is great on every shade. Nottingham does take a little bit of work to make the color noticeable and Maid Marian tends to have a decent amount of glitter fallout during application. Merry Men is definitely meant to be the star of the palette because it’s the most smooth and pigmented of the bunch.
With a primer, these shadows usually last around six hours before I start to notice them muddying together. They’re pretty easy to work with, I just wish they’d last longer throughout the day. The color selection isn’t my favorite, but I can appreciate that they kept a theme within the palette.

Between the price you pay for all the wasted space, the slight inconsistencies within the formula, and the short-lived color payoff on the eyes, this isn’t necessarily a palette I’d recommend. It’s cute to look at, but it’s not something I’ll be reaching for very often.

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