Maybelline Lash Sensational Boosting Serum Review

Lash serums have started to become more popular in the drugstore and I am so happy about it. Earlier last year, I tried the L’oreal Lash Serum Solution and unfortunately didn’t have any noticeable results after 4 weeks. A few months later, I grew some amazing lashes with the Peter Thomas Roth Lashes to Die For Turbo Conditioning Lash Enhancer, but I still wanted to find something more affordable. So I finally decided to try the Maybelline Lash Sensational Boosting Serum that had been on my wishlist for months!
This serum comes with .18 fl oz, which is slightly less than what would be in a typical mascara. It retails for $10-13, depending on the store, and comes in a pretty skinny tube. It claims to provide fuller, thicker, stronger lashes in 4 weeks with its Arginine and Pro Vitamin B5 lash conditioning formula.
What is interesting about this product is the wand. Rather than having plastic bristles or a brush-like applicator, it’s instead made out of cotton. It took some getting used to at first, but the longer the wand is in the tube the better it absorbs the serum and transfers it to the lashes.
The directions say to apply this serum twice a day, in the morning and at night. Makeup can be applied on top, but the serum needs to be completely dry first. It’s not a very heavy serum, so it does dry pretty quickly. Depending on how much product gets distributed on to the lashes, it can sometimes make them a little clumpy during mascara application.
In the photos shown above, the top pictures are what my lashes looked like before using this serum and the bottom photos are my results after finishing the entire tube. I completely lost track of time, so these photos ended up being seven weeks apart rather than four. I don’t know if the extended time between photos had anything to do with it, but this is definitely the most noticeable improvement in my lashes compared to other serums.

I would’ve liked to use this on my brows, but I didn’t find any information about it so I decided not to take the chance. Overall, I’m pretty happy with this lash serum. I still think the Peter Thomas Roth serum delivered the most impressive results, but the Maybelline one is much more affordable!

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