Hank & Henry Living in Color Review

Playing with colorful eyeshadows isn’t usually my first choice. However, with the disappointment of Hank & Henry products that I’ve tried in the past I was really hoping to be impressed with at least the formula in this Living in Color palette. As advanced as the beauty industry is, eyeshadows are something that every brand should be able to easily produce correctly. There’s really no room for mistakes with all the competition currently on the market.
I believe this palette is only available on the Hank & Henry brand website. It retails for $27 and comes with nine eyeshadows. It’s set in very bulky cardboard packaging with a decent sized mirror on the inside. Honestly, I really can’t stand the way this palette is packaged.

The designs are cute, but there’s so much wasted space! There’s absolutely no reason the palette needed to be made this thick. Not only does that make it a pain to store, it’s also not travel-friendly at all. Considering how bulky the packaging is, the pan size is just a joke. I literally laughed the first time I opened this palette because it’s so ridiculous. Even with all the wasted space in between each shadow, they still decided to put the shade names on the back of the palette. At that point, the names might as well have been left out completely.
For the most part, this palette leans very warm in its color story. The shades shown in the swatch picture below are: Sultry Sin (f), Foo Sha, Pettycock (f), Drag Gun Blood (m), Rosalinda (m), Boyz Toy (m), Rustiege (m), La Canela (f), and Mariana Trench (f). I have no idea what the inspiration was behind this palette, but these shade names are pathetic.

Out of the nine eyeshadows in the palette, four are matte (m), four are “fyngrfoyls” (f), and one has a metallic finish (Foo Sha). The “fyngrfoyls” are one of this brand’s new longwear formulas that are meant to be applied with the finger to activate a double-binder that will leave a shiny finish for up to 12 hours. It seems like a cool concept, but why it couldn’t have just been spelled “finger” instead of “fyngr” is beyond me.
With the exception of La Canela, the “fyngrfoyl” shades are actually the ones I was most disappointed with in this palette. Even when applied with the finger, they’re not very pigmented and I don’t see any shiny finish at all. They’re no different than a traditional metallic or shimmer shadow. The mattes are nicely pigmented with a somewhat smooth texture, but the formula isn’t very good. They tend to be pretty patchy and blend away easily, which makes application a total pain.

Overall, this is not a palette I’d recommend at all. Not only is it an inconvenience to only be able to purchase a product from a brand website, the packaging is bulky, the shadow sizes are small, and the formula is less than impressive. I’d much rather support other brands that handle themselves with class, especially when it comes to things like shade names. Save your money on this one and choose something else!

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