How to Fix Broken Makeup

It doesn’t matter what it is, how old it is, or how much it cost. Watching any makeup product fall onto a hard surface and break is a gut-wrenching experience. While it may look completely awful, there is a way to fix it. It might take a little bit of time, but with the use of one household item it’s possible to get the product almost perfect again.
Before things get better, they have to get a little worse. That means breaking up the makeup product even more. A toothpick is a great option, but it doesn’t really matter what you use as long as the powder gets broken up as finely as possible. This will help it to set smoothly again rather than in chunks. The more of the broken product you have, the better!
Once the product is as broken up as possible, take some rubbing alcohol (the percentage isn’t important) and start adding a few drops in at a time. The consistency we’re looking to have here is kind of like a wet concrete mixture. We need it liquidy enough to move around the pan, but not so runny that it’s going to fall out. 
After you’ve added in the rubbing alcohol, leave the product on a flat surface to set for a few hours. Make sure the lid stays open so it can dry out. After a few hours have passed, take a paper towel and start pressing the product into the pan with just a gentle pressure. Depending on the pan size, you could use a coin to help pack the product in even more. The paper towel will pick up any excess alcohol that hasn’t been absorbed by the powder. Leave it to set for a few more hours, or overnight, and then it’s ready to use again!
Although it might not look absolutely perfect and good as new, it still works perfectly fine. The formula will be back to normal, so we can just repress that awful memory and move on. As horrible as it is to break a makeup product, the important part is knowing it’s totally fixable!

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