Ace Beaute Vintage Dawn Review

Eyeshadow is something I’ve become extremely picky about and with the current booming beauty industry, there’s really no room for brands to produce anything less than perfect. Ace Beautē is one that has always had an impressive eyeshadow formula, so even though I wasn’t too super excited about the bright color selection in this Vintage Dawn palette I was still interested in seeing what it has to offer.
As with most other products from Ace Beautē, this palette is only available for purchase through the brand website. It retails for $35 and comes with 12 eyeshadows. It is set in cardboard packaging with a large mirror on the inside and shade names are listed under each pan. It does have a magnetic closure and while it doesn’t include an applicator, I do love the simplicity of their black and gold packaging design.
The shades shown in the swatch picture below are: Sun (s), Day Break, Horizon, Gleam (s), Grand Canyon, Golden Hour (s), Pyramid, Fade, Serengeti (s), Cactus, Sky, and Dew (s). Out of the 12 eyeshadows in the palette, five of them are shimmers (s) and the rest have a matte finish.

All of these shadows have a very creamy, pigmented formula. However, there are a few important things to keep in mind when working with these eyeshadows. Because they’re so pigmented, tapping the excess product off the brush before application is essential. When working with the shimmers, it’s best to apply them with the finger because they do have such a buttery texture.
This palette was made to be reminiscent of all the beautiful sunrises witnessed in various locations around the world, much like its sister palette - Scarlet Dusk. I think they did a wonderful job capturing all the different colors in a sunrise while continuing to provide a high-quality product. Because it’s so vibrant, it’s not a palette I’d personally use everyday but I am really impressed with what they’ve created and it is one that I would recommend!

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