Norvell Self Tanning Mousse Review

Self tanner has to be one of the best things ever invented. Not only does it provide an instant beautiful color to the skin, but it’s such a time saver and also much healthier than spending hours in the sun. I’m always testing new formulas, trying to find the best option possible. Since I had such a positive experience with the Norvell Venetian Self Tanning Mousse in the past, I was really interested to see how their original Self Tanning Mousse compares.
The best place to find this self tanner is on the Norvell website. It comes with 8 fl oz and retails for $30. As of right now, they’re offering free shipping on all self tan orders and you get a free applicator mitt with every purchase. Y’all. Their applicator mitt is on a whole different level! Ever since trying it for the first time last year, I can’t use any other mitt. It’s so smooth and makes application almost effortless.

This particular product claims to be a lightweight, velvety mousse that provides an instant, streak-free, just-off-the-beach color. Some of its key ingredients include Tomato Seed Extract which helps to prevent the signs of aging, Vitamin E which works to block free radicals and reduce wrinkles, Vitamin C for stimulating collagen to tighten and smooth the skin, and Aloe to moisturize and aid in anti-aging benefits.
The photo below shows the color of my skin before any self tan is applied. It’s looking super pasty white from hiding inside during the Winter months. It’s not very nice to look at and is practically begging for some sort of color!
The next photo is what my skin looked like immediately after applying the self tan mousse. I did prep my skin as I usually do before self tanning. Those steps include exfoliating, shaving, and applying a moisturizer over my entire body. This was a very bouncy mousse and I do agree with their “velvet” texture claims. The mitt made it easy to apply, although I do always use an old makeup brush for more precise application on my hands and feet.
Eight hours and a shower later, the photo below shows the tan that this mousse left on my skin. One thing I noticed was that there was no shade range listed on the bottle, so I wasn’t sure what type of color I was going to be left with. This seems to be more of a medium tan compared to others that I’ve used before. The color that you see when you wash this off in the shower is the actual color of the tan. It doesn't continue developing after it's been removed.
When looking at the before and after, I’m honestly not super impressed. It was a very nice formula that left me with a completely streak-free color. I would’ve just preferred it to be much darker. If I’m going to spend eight hours with a tanning mousse on my body, I want it to be worth it. Because this left such a light color, it only lasted about three days before I was back to looking pasty again.
While this wasn’t my favorite tan ever, it is a good formula and would be a good option for those looking to get a medium color rather than dark. It has a very natural-looking undertone, the Raspberry Almond scent was pleasant for the first 4-5 hours that the mousse was developing, and it faded very evenly.

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