Elf Bite-Size Eyeshadow Review

Elf makes some really good products at insanely affordable prices. However, their eyeshadows aren’t something I’ve ever really been impressed with. They just recently released their new Bite-Size eyeshadow quads and although they might not look like much, they’re only $3 each which made my curiosity too much to handle. I picked up two different palettes in hopes that this would finally be the formula I’ve been waiting for from this brand.
For the most part, Elf has pretty much stayed true to themselves in keeping their product prices low over the years. However, they do have a few products that creep up there in price, so I’m happy to see they kept these at only $3! They are set in plastic packaging with no mirror or applicator included. There is a palette name of the back of the packaging to differentiate the eight color stories. But other than that, there are no shade names for each individual eyeshadow.

The first palette I picked up is called Cream & Sugar. This is the one I was the most excited about, which might explain why mine ended up breaking. As I tried to open this when I first got it home, I accidentally dropped it onto a granite counter and broke two of the shadows. They’ve both continued to break every time I touch the palette, but the dark brown got so bad that I had to reset it (using this hack). I was able to get it almost as good as new and now that it’s back in working condition, it’s one I use almost every single day!
The look I’ve been wearing using this palette is the same one that I featured in a recent tutorial. It’s so easy, simple, and quick for every day. While I do still wish the third eyeshadow was matte, I love the natural glam look I’m able to create with this shade selection. The quality of these shadows is perfect. The formula is smooth, pigmented, and very easy to work with.
The second palette I got is the one called Rose Water. This one is more of a cool-toned purple palette and unfortunately, it only has one matte shade. While I was able to create a beautiful look, as shown in my latest tutorial, I would’ve preferred at least one other matte shade to work with.

Though the formula is pretty good in this palette, there are a few inconsistencies that aren’t my favorite. The first shimmer shade is gorgeous, but it’s not as pigmented as I would like it to be and it has a lot of chunky glitter fallout that can sometimes make it a pain to apply. The only matte shade in the palette looks so pretty in the pan, but it’s also not very pigmented and can sometimes be a little patchy. 
Overall, I am really happy with these palettes. The Cream & Sugar version is definitely my favorite! The Rose Water palette does have a few issues, but it’s not something I’m complaining about too much since it was only $3 after all. These are two products I’d recommend and definitely a line of palettes that I’d purchase from again.

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