Whipped Coffee

Dalgona Coffee, also more commonly known as Whipped Coffee, has been taking the internet by storm lately. While it is by no means a new way of preparing coffee, it’s definitely the newest craze on social media. I am a total coffeeholic, so I absolutely could not wait to try this method myself!
The ingredients needed are:

~2 tbsp instant coffee

~2 tbsp sugar

~2 tbsp hot water



The first, and pretty much the only step to this recipe, is to add the instant coffee, sugar, and water to a bowl. Then all you have to do is use a hand mixer to beat it until it becomes light and fluffy. It’s just like making homemade whipped cream! I used my mixer on medium high speed and it took about 3-5 minutes to get the whipped consistency. You’ll know it’s ready when peaks start to form.

This can be served hot or cold, but I’ve only tried it cold so far since that seems to be the more popular choice. Fill a glass about halfway with ice and milk (or hot milk) and spoon some of the whipped coffee on top. It looks super cool as it is, but I add in a straw and use that to mix it all together. Because of the whipped consistency, it does take some time and effort to fold it in with the milk.

While this is a very interesting and fun way to make coffee, it’s honestly not my favorite. It’s cool to look at, but unless you can find some really fancy high-quality ingredients to use there’s really no getting around that instant coffee taste. The texture of this whipped coffee is unlike anything I’ve ever tried before, it just leaves behind a very bitter taste that I’m not a big fan of.

I’ve tried a few different combinations of milk, almond milk, adding in vanilla extract, cocoa powder. None of it took away the bitter taste, so unfortunately this wasn’t as enjoyable as I was expecting. I’ll definitely just be sticking to my freshly brewed hot coffee, or cold brewed iced coffee for now.

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