Beauty Product Fails #13

Cleaning out my overflow makeup bin is something that needed to be done a long time ago. I’m just now kinda getting around to it and what I’ve noticed so far is that there are a lot of fails products that I’ve never followed up with or mentioned before. I’ve chosen five of them to feature in this new addition to my Fails series. Some of them might sound intriguing and may even be a little popular, but I’m here to tell you to save your money!

BB Creams are a great concept, but something that many brands seem to have a difficulty with. This one from Purlisse is one of the worst I’ve tried in a long time. The Fair shade was definitely too light for me right now, but it’s the quality that is so cringey. No matter how much blending I did or what tools I tried to use, this formula would not fully absorb. It sat on top of the skin and looked so gross. The texture was very heavy feeling and it had a strong sunscreen scent that didn’t go away.

The Wander Beauty Trip for Two Blush and Bronzer Duo has really cute packaging and large pans of product on the inside. The problem is that it cost $36 and does absolutely nothing. There is another shade option that might work better, but this Bellini blush and Costa Rei bronzer are not it! I got this duo in Winter when my skin was very pale and even after applying multiple layers, the blush was just barely noticeable and the bronzer was still completely invisible.

When I first saw this Ciaté London Eye Lustre Cream Eyeshadow, I was so hoping that this would provide the solid wave of shimmer I’ve always dreamed about. Unfortunately, I was let down upon my first swatch and even more disappointed when I actually applied it to the eyes. I love the pinky purple and gold colors of this Cupid shade, I just wish it was actually visible on the skin. Once blended out, the formula becomes patchy and the shimmer disappears into a sad dusty sparkle.

This OPI Nail Envy polish has to be the most disappointing product in this post. I’ve heard nothing but great things about it for years and with its $18 price tag, I was expecting the world from this formula. What I was not expecting was to see Formaldehyde Resin as its fifth ingredient! We’re in the year 2020 and there is absolutely no reason to be including such a toxic chemical in our nail polishes. It’s even more disappointing to see that it’s coming from such a well-known and much loved brand in one of their most popular products.

This Aesthetica Brush Cleanser and Conditioner is a great example of why I don’t use prepacked, specialized products to clean my makeup brushes. I don’t know what they put in this bottle, but I would’ve been better off just using a plain bar of soap instead. Every time I tried cleaning my brushes with this I had to go back in and clean them a second time because there was still visible color on the bristles. I think I’ll just stick to my regular brush cleaning routine from now on.

With as bad as some of these products were, it’s a wonder how they ever got put into production. Especially when considering how obvious of a fail they are. Like, who would ever imagine that Costa Rei shade could act as a bronzer and why would a company think it’s still okay to include Formaldehyde Resin in a beauty product? With other brands introducing better options, there’s no time (or money) to be wasted on such horrible products like these.

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