August Favorites

This month didn’t feel very busy, but apparently it was because tomorrow is September and I didn’t even know it! I’m not exactly ready to say goodbye to Summer just yet, so I’m making sure to enjoy every last bit of it - even if that does mean 100°+ temperatures. The last few months were a struggle when it came to finding motivation to play with makeup and I seem to finally be getting some of that back through these exciting new beauty products.

Although I really liked the Gold Bond Hand Cream that I was previously using, I wanted to try something new because I was getting a little bored with an unscented lotion. This eos Shea Better Hand Cream caught my attention with its adorable packaging.

Eos is known for their delicious scents and I chose the Coconut one for Summer. Sometimes coconut scented products can smell a little too artificial, but this one is the perfect balance between nutty and sweet. It absorbs really quickly and doesn’t leave behind any greasy residue.
I’ve been spending a lot of time outside lately soaking up all the beautiful sunny Summer weather, so I haven’t really needed to add in a self tan in a while. However, I wash and exfoliate my face often so it’s much lighter than the rest of my body. I’ve never used a self tanner on my face before because I was worried about breakouts and getting an even result.

The St. Moriz Radiant Glow Tan Boosting Facial Serum has been getting a lot of positive reviews and since it’s made by my favorite tanning brand, I decided to try it out. I added three drops to my morning moisturizer and was so impressed with the results. There were no breakouts or streaky patches and it has absolutely no scent! It provided a very soft, natural glow to the skin that could be built up over a few days. I’m so happy with this product and will definitely be keeping it as a staple in my tanning routine!
One of my favorite makeup tricks ever is using a brown eyeshadow right at the base of the lashes to create the illusion of extra volume on lighter makeup days. This Pixi Endless Shade Stick in MatteCocoa is the perfect option for that. It’s quicker than reaching for a separate eyeshadow and liner brush, and the formula is so smooth that it can easily be smudged for a more smokey effect if needed.
As I’ve been doing more involved eyeshadow looks again, the Wet n Wild Rose in the Air palette is one I reach for the most. It can go in so many different directions and the formula is incredibly easy to work with. It’s such a no-fuss palette and one that I know will create a beautiful look no matter whether I’m going for easy neutrals or dramatic brights.
The only non-beauty favorite I have to mention this month is this wallet phone case that I got on Amazon. When I’m wearing my purse for a long time, it really starts to hurt my shoulder. I’ve learned to keep this in the car so it’s available to switch out while I’m running errands. It’s so much easier to carry and the magnet is very strong so I never have to worry about it flipping open and losing anything. The wrist strap can clip off if needed and there’s even a hook to attach keys to. I do wish it had a small mirror on the inside, but other than that it’s perfect for keeping all the necessities together.
These products have been making life so much easier, especially that phone case and the Pixi Endless Shade Stick. While I love every item I featured, those might be my top two favorites! However, that doesn’t take away from how much I’ve been loving rediscovering the magic of that Wet n Wild palette and how ecstatic I am that I finally found a good sunless tanning option for the face!

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