Maybelline SuperStay Ink Crayon Review

The Maybelline SuperStay Ink Crayons have been on my wishlist for the longest time and I’ve finally gotten around to trying them. The matte finish was keeping me away for a while, but after discovering how amazing these are I’m sad I didn’t pick them up sooner. I loved the first one I tried so much that I had to go back and buy another shade. They’re that good!!

These can be found in most drugstores or anywhere else Maybelline is sold. Depending on the store, they usually retail around $10 each or less. The word “ink” in the name of the product can be a little misleading because it doesn’t actually have any type of liquid ink in it. The product itself is basically just like an oversized retractable lip pencil. 

The first shade I tried is called Stay Exceptional. The color on the outer packaging is pretty close to the actual color of the product, but it’s definitely not a perfect match. While I do love this color, it ended up being a lot brighter and more pink than I was expecting. It also has a slight purple undertone, which is a nice surprise for a berry lip lover like myself but might be a little alarming for those expecting a more muted pink like the packaging suggests.

After loving the formula so much on the first shade, I went back and bought another one called Trust Your Gut. This one is much lighter than what I was expecting. I saw this listed somewhere as a dupe for the Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk lipstick and although I don’t have that one to be able to compare it to, I don’t think they’re dupes at all.

The Maybelline shade has a much more noticeable brown undertone, whereas Pillow Talk leans a little more pink. It was disappointing at first because it’s much more nude than what I typically wear, but when I paired it with a berry eyeshadow look as shown in my latest tutorial I definitely got a new appreciation for its light tones.

There are many different shades to choose from in this line and I love that they all have inspirational names to add some positivity into the day. I was a little concerned about the formula at first because matte shades aren’t usually very comfortable, but this one is so lightweight that sometimes I forget there’s any product on my lips at all.

They’re packed with pigment, which makes them super easy to apply. They set immediately and are almost completely smudge proof, unless purposefully wiped off. I haven’t had any problems with these drying out my lips after continued use, which is such a surprise when wearing a matte finish. I love the color selection in this line and will definitely be going back for more!

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