This or That: Fall Edition

Fall is here and it is beautiful! As much as I love Summer, it’s nice to have some warmth without breaking 100 degrees. I’m a stickler for not indulging in Fall foods and decor until the beginning of October, but once the first of the month hits it’s all pumpkins and cozy candles until December! Today we’re discussing all the Fall favorites in this seasonal edition of the This or That challenge.

1.) Salted caramel or pumpkin spice?

Pumpkin spice! I had a horrible and incredibly embarrassing experience the first time I tried salted caramel and I will probably never eat it again. I had gotten a salted caramel chew a few years ago and when I bit into it, I realized it had huge salt chunks throughout. The pieces of salt got stuck in my teeth and was the only thing I tasted. I got it as a snack on the go, so I ate it while driving and seriously almost threw up. It was awful, but my husband thought it was hilarious.

2.) Candy corn or Tootsie Rolls?

Neither of them are very tasty, but I think Tootsie Rolls are slightly more palatable than candy corn. Peanut butter Mary Jane candies are the real winners!

3.) Haunted house or pumpkin patch?

Pumpkin patch x1000! Halloween is my least favorite holiday ever and it is completely because of all the spooky scares that it brings. I hate it!!

Throwback to our pumpkin patch trip in 2015

4.) Boots or scarves?

I used to wear scarves all the time, but I think I’m more about the boots right now. As cute as scarves can be, they make me feel a little too crowded adding an extra layer around my neck. I’m really wanting to add some over the knee boots to my wardrobe this year!

5.) Caramel apple or candy apple?

Caramel apple, although I was just reminded how unenjoyable those are to eat. Even without biting into them, the caramel still sticks to the teeth and it’s so annoying. I love the flavor, though, so I’d rather just eat a caramel apple lollipop instead.

6.) Corn maze or hay ride?

Corn maze! It’s a lot more walking, but it’s a fun little adventure. We’ve done a few and although I don’t think we’ve ever gotten any of them “right” we still had so much fun!

Throwback to our corn maze adventure (and my pink hair) in 2016

7.) Sweaters or flannel?

Flannel because they can double as a cardigan and are usually less itchy than a sweater. I do love a good oversized sweater that can go off the shoulder, but a comfortable one made with a soft material can sometimes be difficult to find.

8.) Halloween or Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving, for sure! Halloween is much too scary for me and I absolutely love Thanksgiving food. I can’t wait to eat all the cornbread dressing, sweet potato casserole, turkey, and cranberry sauce. Yumm!

9.) Pumpkin bread or pumpkin pie?

Either one is totally fine with me, although I do think I eat pumpkin pie more than I eat pumpkin bread. Pumpkin pie cupcakes are my true favorite, but these mini pumpkin chocolate chip loaves were a huge hit last year!

10.) Soup or chili?

Chili? This one is too hard to choose because I have a really good chili recipe that I never get bored of, but the options for soup are practically endless. Both are super cozy and comforting!

11.) Hocus Pocus or Halloweentown?

Halloweentown, 100%! I don’t believe I’ve ever seen Hocus Pocus, at least not from what I can remember. I’m not sure what it is, I just never thought it looked very interesting.

12.) PSL or chai tea?

Definitely PSL. I’ve wanted to like chai tea so bad, but I just can’t get behind it. My favorite pumpkin coffee recipe is by far the pumpkin cream cold brew that I shared last year. It tastes like actual pumpkin pie, but isn’t too overpowering so I can drink it all season long without getting bored.

13.) Pumpkins or mums?

I love them both! I decorate with more pumpkins instead, but also love having some mums outside. The small pumpkins actually last incredibly well and although mums aren’t known for lasting more than a few weeks, I had some white ones last year that have been continuously blooming throughout the Summer and are still going strong!

14.) Paint pumpkins or carve pumpkins?

Carve them! I’ve actually never painted a pumpkin before because I enjoy carving them so much. I’m not an expert at it, but I try my best and the experience is always fun.

15.) Make a costume or buy a costume?

We prefer to make our costumes, mainly because the pre-made ones are so uncomfortable and never fit right. I’m not saying we sit down and sew costumes together or anything. We like to keep it pretty simple using clothes that can be repurposed in our wardrobes and just add a few accessories. The year we dressed up as Luigi and Princess Daisy was definitely my favorite!

Halloween 2016

These were some really fun memories to look back on! Fall is always my favorite time of year because it’s still warm enough to enjoy some time outside without suffocating in the heat, and I love that it signals the beginning of the holiday season.

I hope you enjoyed this post! If you have a blog or social media, I challenge you to do this tag! Otherwise, I’d love to hear some of your answers in the comments section below!

XO ♥ Christina ♥


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