October Favorites

October is a month I always look forward to because it’s our wedding anniversary month so it brings back all the sweet memories! But aside from that, we’re starting to get some Fall weather which has been pretty exciting. The leaves haven’t started changing yet, but it’s nice to not break 100+ degrees everyday. I found a ton of new favorite products this month that I cannot wait to share! We’re talking about all kinds of things from beauty to new cleaning tools. It’s been a busy month!

I have a strict “no pumpkin before October 1st” rule and since it’s finally here, I’ve been indulging in all the pumpkin things. The Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew that I shared last year has been my specific favorite. I think it’s so much more yummy than a typical Pumpkin Spice Latte and I’ve been having it pretty much every day.

October also means it’s time for mums! My husband got me two new orange mums for our anniversary and I love how big they’re getting. I also have some white ones from last year that have been going strong all year round. I don’t know how they made it through, but I’m so proud of them for lasting that long.

Barefoot Dreams blankets have been a Fall/Winter “must-have” for the past few years, but if y’all should know anything about me it’s that there is no way I’m spending that kind of money on something like a blanket. So I started looking for dupes and thankfully I found one on Amazon that’s almost $120 less! It’s a lot more lightweight than I was expecting, but it’s the softest blanket I’ve ever touched and has kept me super cozy during a recent cold front.

We’ve been interested in getting a water fountain for a while, but for now we decided to just start with something small. I found this one on Amazon and it’s perfect! The soft trickling noise of the water is super relaxing and it looks beautiful as a decoration piece. Right now we’re keeping it in the living room, but it would also be a great addition to a bedroom or office. 

Another addition we’ve brought into the living room is this little camera. I don’t know why I thought these were super expensive, they’re actually pretty affordable on Amazon. I love how small it is, so it’s not super noticeable and just kind of blends with the rest of the decor. It connects to an app on your phone, has 2-way audio, and can move in all different directions. This has been so much fun checking in on the dogs when we’re not home!

Over the past two months, I’ve been incorporating the As I Am Coconut Cowash into my hair routine. I’ve really been impressed with it, so when I needed a new leave-in conditioner I decided to go with the same brand. This smells very refreshing, just like the cowash. I only use this a few times a week when necessary to help detangle after shampooing. It leaves my hair so soft and doesn’t weigh it down at all.

It’s been a while since I’ve needed to purchase a new eyebrow pencil and since the one that I loved from Maybelline is now discontinued, I decided to randomly try this L.A. Girl Shady Slim Brow Pencil instead. I got it in the Medium Brown shade, which is pretty good although I think the next shade darker would be a better match for me. It’s definitely not a replacement for the Maybelline pencil, but I like how thin it is and that the formula isn’t too creamy. It’s a little more on the dry side, which I think makes it easier to apply.

I’ve been skipping around between a lot of different eyeshadow palettes this month, but a new one to my collection that I’ve been enjoying is the Profusion Nudes palette. I featured it in a recent tutorial and will be posting a full review next week. The formula is so smooth and I love the warm neutrals that it has. It’s perfect for everyday and for only $5, it doesn’t get much better!

As the cooler temperatures start coming in, it’s important to keep a lip balm within reach at all times. The eos Pure & Free stick balm was the only thing that was able to heal my chapped lips last year, so I decided to repurchase it in the Strawberry Sorbet scent. It smells absolutely delicious and glides on the lips so smoothly. I’m predicting this will be my new best friend for the next few months!

My last two favorites for this month are both in the home cleaning category, which might sound a little boring but for clean freaks like me it’s actually super exciting. Of course, when it rains it pours so when my vacuum got damaged during our move, the steam mop had to follow suit. I had my vacuum and mop for years, so needless to say I was quickly overwhelmed when searching for replacements.

I ended up choosing the Hoover WindTunnel Air Bagless Upright Vacuum and the Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop. I shopped around for the best prices and got them both during (two separate) major deals! My favorite things about the vacuum is how easy it is to swivel in different directions, how wide its cleaning path is, and how well it can get under furniture.

Surprisingly, the mop seems a little more simple than my previous one. But I might actually like it better because it provides a continuous steam, the pads are more secure, and it has the option to add a scent disc. With both of these new tools, I actually get excited to clean the floors again!

I wasn’t kidding when I said it’s been a busy month! I found so many great products and the fact that we’re at the end of October, entering the holiday months has me in the best mood! I’ll be enjoying all the pumpkin cream cold brews, snuggling in my warm blanket, admiring my clean floors for the next month until it’s time to bring out the Christmas decorations!

I hope you enjoyed this post! If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them for me in the comments. Have you tried any of these products before? What are some of your recent monthly favorites?

XO ♥ Christina ♥


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