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Colourpop has been blowing up the beauty industry recently and I’m almost scared to admit that the five products I have to review for you today are the first and only five products that I have ever tried from their brand. It seems like everywhere you look, everyone has at least half of Colourpop’s entire collection. I waited as long as I could and finally gave in during one of their sales to see what the hype was all about. I ordered three eyeshadows, two blushes, and a bronzer. After having these for almost two months and testing them with various different techniques, I think it’s safe to say that I am the only person that cannot stand these products...
Colourpop is known for being a very affordable brand with a signature mousse-like texture to their products. They are an online only company, so it may take some time to work your way through their website looking at swatches, reading reviews, and comparing shades. The Super Shock Shadows come with 0.07 oz of product and retail at $5 each. The Super Shock Cheeks have 0.15 oz and come in at $8 a piece. As far as only being available online and the amount of product you get for the price, it’s very similar to Makeup Geek. You can read my review on their brand here and compare the size of products for yourself.

The three eyeshadows that I got (as shown left to right in the pictures below) are: I ♥ This, Wattles, and Bill. I ♥ This has a metallic silver finish with a few olive undertones. I’ve seen completed looks created with Colourpop’s metallic shades and was so excited to have something as pigmented as these appeared. Wattles is a dusty pink shade with a satin finish and Bill is a matte muted plum.
As you can see below, they swatch incredibly well. Where the problem comes in is that they only swatch well with your finger. Once you try to pick up the product with a brush, you can forget it and better prepare yourself to be there all day. I thought it was a real shame for the crease shades that I like to apply with a blending brush, but still held out hope that I’d at least be able to apply the lid shades with my finger. I have absolutely no idea what happens, but no matter what I do the pigment will not come off of my finger and onto my eye. It just won’t. Not unless I sit there and dig my brush into the shadow, essentially wasting both my time and the product, and then pack it on the lid for five minutes. No, thank you.  
The Super Shock Cheek shades that I purchased (from left to right below) are: Birthday Suit, Between the Sheets, and Aphrodisiac. Birthday Suit is a brighter neutral pink with a satin finish. Between the Sheets is a matte muted beige pink. Aphrodisiac is the shade I got as a bronzer and is a matte soft beige. Talc is not listed anywhere on the ingredients list for these products and I had high hopes that they’d be another high-quality, talc-free blush I could add to my list of recommendations.
I had the same exact problem with these as I did with the eyeshadows. They swatch beautifully on the hand or arm, but only when swatched with your finger and not a brush. They’re all gorgeous shades, but I don’t have the time to search for specific brushes that I need to set aside that will work with these products. I’ve never had this problem with any other makeup item before and I don’t think these are really that special to require so much extra effort.
I understand that Colourpop was trying to go for something different and stand out from other makeup companies. I will also agree that they have very soft, very smooth products. However, those same smooth textured, mousse-like products is the exact reason I won’t be purchasing anything else from them or recommending their items. I don’t need something special with bulky packaging when I’m getting ready. I need products that are going to be easy to store and easy to use. Colourpop just doesn’t offer that.

It’s taken me so much extra time in my routine to try and get these products to show up on my face that it’s left me angry, frustrated, and late. I would much rather reach for my convenient, customized Ofra palette that houses my favorite Makeup Geek blushes, bronzers, and eyeshadows, and be ready in half the time. I tried to like these products, I really did. I read so many reviews, articles, application tips, everything I could to get a better understanding of these products and nothing seemed to work. I don’t appreciate having to put in so much unnecessary effort and really don’t think these products are worth my time or money.

I’m sure this isn’t the review you probably wanted to see especially since these are such “hot” items in the beauty community right now, but I didn’t see any warnings about the negatives of these products and I really thought it was something important that needed to be said. I will never fake a review or pretend to like something I don’t truly adore. I hope my honesty and transparency has helped you to be more informed before you spend your hard earned money. If you have any other questions, please leave them for me in the comments and I hope you have a beautiful day! xoxo


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  1. I have been SO interested in ColourPop lately, but I've been too afraid to actually go and buy it. I tend to be very wary of online products sine I can't really do a test run of them. I've also only heard good things about this company, so reading your post was certainly very interesting. I think I'll hold off on their products for now, though their lip products still interest me.

    Do you have any experiences with their lipsticks/liners?

    Joanne //

    1. That was my issue too! I'm always nervous about buying online, but Colourpop had been raved about so much and all I could find was positive reviews. So after a while, I figured that since I hadn't seen any negatives about the company then there wasn't much to lose. I was very disappointed!! Which is exactly why I thought it was so important to get this raw review out there to prevent others from making the same mistake. I'm not really big on lip products, so I haven't looked into their lipsticks and lipliners very much. But I have heard mixed reviews on some of their lip products, I just can't remember which was which. I want to say it had something to do with their matte liquid lipsticks maybe? I think I saw that the formula was pretty drying.

    2. Joanne, the brand points out, they are BEST applied with your fingers. They are the first to admit, synthetic brushes wont work well. But, I got 2 brushes from them that are just...OK..for applying under your eye. I used my finger and gotva nice application. Im not a HUGE, HAVE TI HAVE CP, kind of fan but, I HAVE had nice eye looks with mine. Matt shadows for lid and crease, transition and shimmery shades for the inside half of my lid. It takes a little time, getting use to applying with your fingers but,bits not bad. Really, I DO understand Christinas frustrstion. When I first starting using CP, I only bought 2 colors. 2 I knew would compliment each other. At first, I used a brush....that didnt work. I didnt give up because the colors and formula is quite beautiful. The biggest buyers of CP are teens and young adults that 1, dont have alot of money to invest in good brushes, that they prefer to use. Most teens use their fingere anyway. It wouldnt hurt for you to go read reviews, on the site. The brand isnt blowing up the internet for nothing! Most grown, career women, need to get ready in a hurry and we love our palettes for that reason. I have 49.0p palattes, I use LESS than the 8 CO colors I have. Sponge applicators from single pot eye shadows, like Revlon or L'oreal, have tiny sponge applicators you may already have laying around.

  2. Aww, so sorry to hear you didn't like ColourPop. It is definitely very different to work with. I personally never use brushes with them. I only use lid shades and I apply them with my pinky or index finger and thankfully have no issues (they apply with tons of pigment and I love them). I use a small flat synthetic brush sometimes only to clean up around the edges. I don't use them all the time, just every now and then (I love the shimmery lid shades). So sorry that they didn't work out for you! They are certainly not everyone's cup of tea. Thanks for an honest review! :)

    1. I know exactly what you're talking about, kind of. I've watched a ton of Youtube tutorials and have "seen" the shimmery lid shades apply a ton of pigment. I have no idea what it is, but they will not transfer off of my finger and onto my eye. The first time I tried, I thought I was seeing things and started second guessing if I was applying it right. After realizing I was doing everything I usually do plus the tips and tricks I researched about these products, I knew it just wasn't working for me. Especially with the blushes and bronzer, my fingers shouldn't be my only resource for getting the pigment on my face because that certainly doesn't sound like it would work very well! Lol. I really wanted to like these, unfortunately it just wasn't meant to be. Thank you for valuing and appreciating my honesty, it really means a lot! xoxo

    2. Christina, I DO understand your frustration. It took me about 3 tried, to figure them out. Finger application is key. The brand even points that out on their site. You might surprise yourself, and end up LIKING them more, if you try telling yourself, fingers are the way to go. I hated giving up using my much loved brushes to apply eye shadow. Thats why, I spent a little more on my set of brushes, because, I knew, Id get alot of use out of them. Im actually liking CP more and more. Im not a die hard fan but, do have a few favorite colors that look amazing on my brown eyes. My newest for Spring is a pretty shimmer pink called Cuddle Buddie, and Keeper which is a dark burgundy red for the outter corner and Tang as my transition shade, which is a pretty taup/brown matt. I use GLOW all over my lid first though, clear up to the brow. Acts like a great primer and beautiful under the brow. Its like a creamy, matt, vanilla color. Anyway, your review at CP is what drew me to your blog. I wanted to read why you dont like the brand. Im not crazy for the liquid lipsticks though. Never bought a lippie either but, I think THEY would be creamy. I bought Hippo, a lavender highlighter, applied again with fingers, is beautiful and a tie die highlighter called Tough Love, thats a peachy, and pink swirl, with a vanilla color also swirled in it. I applied it today over a pink blush and then a bit higher on my cheek bones and its so beautiful. Today was the first day, I really fell in love with the Tough Love highlighter color. I think because of how good it looks over my Cargo duel bronzer/blush duo. Which is a beachy bronzer color and the blush is a pretty pink color. Both seated in the same tin. You should give CP another go when youre not in a rush. Just play around with them. Get Glow and Tang. Both are gorgeous together for a no make up, make up look.

    3. I did much research for months before purchasing from ColourPop and I've tried every application method I can think of. Different types of brushes, wetting my brush, sponge applicators, even my finger, and nothing really impressed me. I think I was so disappointed because of all the online reviews and videos that I watched. Everything seemed so promising, but once I tried them myself it was completely different. Unfortunately, many companies control what reviews are written on their sites and delete the negative ones in order to protect their reputation. I think that's what's happening with ColourPop. After doing more research, I've even seen them stop sending PR to influencers who say negative things about their products. That's not really something I can stand by, so I won't be purchasing anything else from their brand. I'd much rather just stick with my Makeup Geek shadows that are the same price and much easier to apply, no matter what application method I choose.

    4. I do agree that you need to work with them differently than other products. I've had a harder time with the blush than the eye shadow, but a duo fiber brush works great for the blushes. Like an earlier commenter, I only use their shadows for the lid and apply with my finger. I haven't had any issues personally. I actually have Wattles and Bill also. I always prime my lids for any shadow, so maybe that helps? I don't try to use them in the crease. Their new pressed shadows are great, so maybe those would work better for you. So far, I've loved everything except the lip products. Each one I've gotten turns out much darker on my lips than in the tube or website swatch.

    5. I think that's what they wanted was to be different from all the other brands, and while I can admire that aspect, I still can't stand how much trouble they give me. They don't say anything about application techniques on their website or in any of the reviews I have read and watched online, so I had no idea that's how they were going to be when I ordered them. I always prime my eyes with a primer before going in with any eyeshadow and I specifically ordered both Wattles and Bill to use in my crease, which is even more disappointing. Swatching with my finger, all the products look beautiful but the color payoff I get on my eyelids and cheeks is almost nothing at all. I've been interested in their pressed eyeshadows, but I won't give another dollar to this company not only because of the disappointment, but also because of poor business practice.


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