June Boxycharm Unboxing

It’s Boxycharm time again!! My favorite beauty subscription service has arrived!! Last month had some amazing products and I was really excited about that box, so of course my excitement spilled over into this month too and I couldn’t wait to see what was inside. I’m sure y’all know the drill by now, I’ll be updating you on how last month’s products worked for me and then we’ll get into what was in this month’s box. And just as a brief reminder, or in case you’ve never heard of Boxycharm, it’s only $21 a month and you receive about 5 full size beauty products in each box. Visit their website to find out more or sign up to start receiving boxes yourself. Now let’s jump right in!

~Starlooks Lip Pencil (Charmed)~ As you may know, if you read last month’s post, this product came to me empty so I wasn’t able to try it. They did include another one for me in this month’s box (pictures below), so I’ll update on it in next month’s unboxing.

~Catherine Malandrino Romance de Provence travel sprayer~ I do still really like the smell of this perfume, but it can tend to be a little on the strong side. I usually save it for days when I really need my perfume to last a long time. I don’t recommend wearing it if you’re gonna be in the car for a while, it gives everyone a headache!

~The BrowGal by Tonya Crooks~ I’ve been trying to use through another brow gel that I received in a Boxycharm months ago, so I haven’t used this one yet. I very rarely set my brows since I never have a problem with them moving out of place, but I’ve been making an effort to use my other one every time I do my makeup.

~Ella + Mila nail polish (Pistache)~ I’ll have to post an update on this one later in the coming weeks or in next month’s unboxing because I actually didn’t reach for this polish this month since I was having so much fun with the other colors I chose to wear instead. But needless to say, this will be in the lineup soon because I can’t get through the summer months without this mint polish!

~PÜR Double Ego Dual-Ended Eyeliner (Bora Bora)~ I haven’t used the liquid side of this pencil yet, probably because I’m worried about removing it after the stain it left on my hand. But the retractable pencil side of this is super smooth and takes almost no effort to apply it. The color is gorgeous and perfect for a pop with a bronzy summer look.

~Makeup Geek blush (Covet)~ I can’t take my hands off of this blush! Seriously, every time I go to apply blush I can’t help but reach for this one. We already know I’m completely obsessed with Makeup Geek, but this blush is so pigmented that I only have to use a very small amount to get the intensity that I want. Not to mention that these blushes do not move all day long!

So, as you can probably tell, I am still really excited about the products I received last month. I do think it was the best box I have ever gotten in my ten months of being subscribed, so this month’s box had a lot to live up to. The theme for June’s box is “Girls Just Wanna Have Sun.” I think that name is precious and is so true for my life right now!
As mentioned before, last month’s lip product - Starlooks Lip Pencil in Charmed ($19.50) - came to me broken with no product inside the tube. Boxycharm’s customer service is amazing and sent me a new pencil to replace it in this month’s box. I think it’s a beautiful color that will look perfect and natural on the lips, and can be paired with so many different shades. It felt really smooth when I swatched it and I’m really excited to see how long this wears because it took a lot of effort to wash the swatch off.
Now to the usual products in June’s box, the first item that was the biggest and sitting right on top was the Farmacy Brightening Mask. It says it’s a Boxycharm exclusive product, but I definitely saw it on multiple locations online including Sephora and Farmacy’s websites. It comes with 3 individually packaged sheet masks inside and retails for $24. The overall packaging of this and the actual box itself was pretty impressive. It has a ton of claims for what it will do for your skin, including: providing intense hydration, brighten dark spots and freckles, restore natural balance to the skin, even skin tone, protect and firm the skin, and improve skin’s overall clarity by regulating melanin production. It’s made with a lot of natural ingredients and free of parabens, formaldehyde, and artificial coloring. I’m not usually too excited about sheet masks, but I’m interested to try this one just because of all it claims to do!
Right under the masks was Ofra’s Pressed Oil Control Powder. My oily skin was definitely excited to see that this was included in a summer box. Ofra has become really popular recently because of their Long Lasting Liquid Lipsticks, so I have high expectations for how this powder will perform. And because of the fact that they charge $40 for .35 oz of product! It feels just like any other powder when I swatched it, so I’m not sure what the real difference would be between using this versus a regular face powder. Silica is the third ingredient, so I’m expecting to see this filling in pores and fine lines as well.
Next is a brand I have never heard of before, but thought it looked pretty interesting. This is Cougar Beauty’s Mineral Face and Body Shimmer in Diamond Kiss. It retails at $16 for .14 oz of powder. I was expecting this to have some sort of silver sparkles to it because of the name, but it is actually pretty yellow. My first thought was how great this would be for covering dark under eye circles if it wasn’t full of glitter because it is a pretty intense banana yellow shade. Once it’s blended out, it looks a little better. I’m interested to see how this works as a highlight since I don’t think loose powders allow for much control of the placement of the product.
The fourth item for this month’s box is the Girlactik Precise Eyeliner Marker in Black ($20). I’ve always heard good things about this brand, but haven’t had the chance to try any of their products. This eyeliner pen is supposed to be waterproof, smudge proof, and easy to apply. When I swatched it, I did think it was really pigmented. However, I’m gonna have to pay attention to the waterproof and smudge-proof claims since this did wash off more easily than the lip liner.
The last item is a LVX nail polish in the shade Serene ($18). I love getting nail polishes in beauty subscriptions because that’s a product that I am not very picky about when it comes to the variety of shades that I wear. This looked a lot like the Ulta color I was wearing last week, so I swatched them next to each other for a comparison. The lighter shade is the LVX polish. I’ve haven’t looked much into this brand before, but the reference card says it’s long lasting, chip resistant, and has a gel-like formula. It’s free of the five toxic chemicals often found in nail polish (it didn’t list the names) and is vegan-friendly.
Overall, I am pretty happy with the items in this month’s box. It’s definitely not one of my favorites just because I’m not sure about the highlighter or mask, and I have a ton of black eyeliner pens waiting in my collection for me to try. But you never know until you actually put the products to the test, so we’ll have to see what I think about everything when I post my update in next month’s unboxing! The value for this month’s box is $118, super impressive as always! If you haven’t tried Boxycharm yet, I definitely recommend it. They always give you the most for your money and include many high-end products (that I wouldn’t otherwise purchase myself). If you did get this month’s box, leave me a comment letting me know what item you’re most excited about!

~Mani Monday~
Bringing out another Ulta polish that I don’t wear very often. This is Ulta’s Celebutante and is one of the most true purple shades that I own. I’ve been wearing a lot of brights and pastels lately that I was craving something a little different. I always say how Ulta has great polishes and I definitely love all the ones that I have. You can get away with one coat of this polish if you needed to and it lasts a good six days with a base and top coat before it starts to chip or fade at the edges.
What’s on your nails this week?


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