BH Cosmetics Eye Essential Brush Set Review

Happy Monday, y’all! I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!! I’ve talked about BH Cosmetics brushes quite a few times before and how much I love them. I did a complete separate review on the Sculpt & Blend Brush Set and also the Sculpt & Blend 2 Brush Set. Sometimes it can be difficult to find affordable makeup brushes that work, but BH Cosmetics does an amazing job! They have a good amount of individual brushes to choose from and have a huge variety of different sets. The one I’m talking about today is the Eye Essential 7 Piece Brush Set.

I was really interested when I saw they had a set just for eye brushes since most sets include some face brushes too. I purchased this from their website on sale on Black Friday, but they always have plenty of amazing sales going on. As I’m writing this, the set’s listed for $10. BH Cosmetics is an online store, but I just recently saw this exact set at my local TJMaxx! Their shipping is on the more pricey side, but if you sign up with your email you can get notifications of special promotions on shipping and other exclusive offers. Signing up with Ebates can also help you save some money by getting cash back on your order and who doesn’t want that?!

As mentioned, this set comes with seven different brushes. I really like the longer length of the handles because it gives so much more control during application. The black and gold packaging is very sleek and I really appreciate there being numbers on each brush. It doesn’t have the name of each specific brush, though, so the only way to remember it is if you keep the box or reference their website. Either way, numbers are better than nothing. The handles do feel sturdy enough and I haven’t had any issues with these brushes shedding, as I have had with other BH Cosmetics brushes in the past.
These first two brushes are the Blending Brush (101, left) and the Large Shader Brush (102, right). I had a BH Cosmetics blending brush before and it was my absolute favorite. I used it every single day and loved it so much. Then it broke! The entire section of bristles just pulled right out when I was washing it one day. I’ve missed it so much and couldn’t wait to have the one from this set. It’s not the same exact brush that I had before, but I do like it a lot. Blending brushes like this are some of my favorite because they have so many uses. I’ve used it to quickly put shadow all over the lid, blend out darker colors in my crease, put a light taupe in the crease for very subtle definition, put a highlighting shade underneath the eyes, and even put highlighter on my cheekbones. Blending brushes like this are something you can never have too much of!

The shader brush, however, doesn’t get used very much in my normal routine. Since I like fluffier brushes more, I very rarely reach for a flat brush. There are a few times that I do when I’m working with a specific type of product (L'oreal Infallible Eyeshadows, I’m looking at you) and this brush gets the job done, just as any flat shader brush would.
All of the brushes in this set are so incredibly soft, but the bristles on these two are definitely the most soft. The brush on the left is the Small Shader Brush (103) and the one on the right is the Angled Blending Brush (104). In my daily routine, I usually use my finger to put shadow on the inner half of my lid after I have the outer corner finished. Then I use brush 103 to make sure it’s all blended smoothly together.

I wasn’t really sure how I was going to use brush 104 in the beginning, but after using it for a while I have found many ways. It’s really easy to put color directly into the crease without getting the shadow on the eyelid. Although it’s cut at an angle, it can still be used in windshield wiper motions to blend everything out. The little bit of fluff it has to it also helps make the blending process easier after initial application of color. I’ve also used this to contour my nose and it worked really well for that too.
The last three brushes are the Pencil Brush (105, left), the Fine Liner Brush (106, middle), and the Small Angled Brush (107, right). Before getting this set, I never brought eyeshadow under my lower lash line because I thought it looked too heavy. But after using this particular pencil brush, it’s something I’m now doing every day. This brush is small enough to get the shadow precisely where I want it without making the look too dramatic.

Brush 106 is also one that doesn’t get much attention in my collection. It comes to such a fine point, that I don’t have many uses for it. Brush 107 is nice, but I’ve noticed that it’s smaller than some of the other angled liner brushes that I have. I’ve used it with brow powder for my eyebrows and really liked it for that. I also used it to apply shadow over pencil eyeliner and while it did work, that’s when I mostly noticed how much smaller it was than my other options.

Overall, I really like this set a lot and think it is definitely worth trying. After having some BH Cosmetics brushes shed on me in the past, I was glad to see some good quality in this set. If you’ve tried these brushes before, I’d love to hear your experiences. Also, let me know in the comments what your favorite BH Cosmetics products are!

~Mani Monday~
I’m wearing one of the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure nail polishes in the shade I Lilac You. I think this color is really pretty and adds just a soft tone to the nails when you don’t want to be too bold. The formula on these aren’t my favorite, they usually chip faster than my favorite Sinful Colors polishes do. I am a huge fan of the brush, though. The bristles are more wide so it fits the nail better. It would be possible to get away with just one coat if you applied it thick, but I think two coats would be best.
What’s on your nails this week?


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