L'oreal Lash Paradise Review

If you haven’t heard about this new L’oreal Lash Paradise mascara, you have to have been living under a rock or something because it is everywhere. L’oreal has always been one of my favorite brands at the drugstore and since I’ve had pretty good luck with some of their mascaras in the past, I didn’t even think twice about picking this one up. I did end up getting both the waterproof and the regular version, so I’ll have both of those formulas to compare for you.
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This first made a name for itself when it came on the market and looked almost identical (packaging wise) to the Better Than Sex mascara from Too Faced. I mean, they look like they were placed in the exact same tube with different logos. Unfortunately, I’ve never had the Too Faced mascara to try so I can’t compare the formulas for you. I got both of these at my local Walmart and have seen them retail at Ulta and various stores for around $7-10, depending on where you go.
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I got the Blackest Black shade in both of the mascaras that I purchased and I do think it is really dark. L’oreal has a shade called Carbon Black in some of their products and I wish they would’ve included that in this formula because that is the darkest black shade I have ever seen in a product before. The wand is a nice size and full of traditional bristles. Honestly, the bristles were what I was the most concerned with. I typically prefer rubber bristles because they comb through the lashes better and reduce the chance for clumpy lashes. I can get traditional bristles to perform the same, it just usually takes a little bit more work. But so far, these haven’t given me too much trouble as far as clumps and even application.

In the picture below, you can see the step by step process starting with my boring natural lashes that are flat, short, and full of eyeshadow. I curled my lashes twice with a heated eyelash curler, which obviously already made the biggest difference, and then continued with three coats of mascara. You can see a dramatic difference just by the first coat, but I like to build it up to make the lashes pop as much as possible. It does layer pretty easily, although it can start clumping up on the third coat if you’re not careful. If that does happen, you can just carefully comb through the lashes with a metal lash comb once they’re dry.
Below is a side by side comparison from the very beginning to after application. I didn’t include any eyeshadow or eyeliner just so you’d be able to really tell a difference. The one I’m wearing in the pictures is the regular version. The two formulas are very similar, aside from the waterproof version holding a curl much better and longer. This is one of the very few mascaras that I feel comfortable enough with just using it on its own without having to pair it with a separate volumizing or lengthening mascara.
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The hype behind this product is definitely real, and for good reason. I knew the second I applied this mascara that it was a good one and the first day I wore it, I couldn’t stop staring in the mirror. I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing! If your lashes can handle it, then I’d recommend going with the waterproof version just because of how long it held a curl throughout the day. And when it says waterproof, it definitely means it! They both last all day without flaking, but the waterproof version is extremely difficult to remove. Thankfully, the regular version breaks down very easily with soap and water. If you’ve been wondering about this mascara and whether it works or not, it does! Absolutely one of the best drugstore mascara releases there’s been in a long time!

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