It Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Review

I wasn’t really too impressed with Ulta’s Black Friday sales this year and at first, I was kinda disappointed with it. So when Cyber Monday came around, I wasn’t expecting anything better. But holy guacamole was I surprised when I saw this It Cosmetics Naturally Pretty palette on sale. I got this palette for 50% off, which basically made it drugstore price and honestly, that was one of my favorite deals of that entire weekend. I’ve had my eye on this for years. Now I was finally able to add it to my collection, and I’m more happy with it than I thought I’d be.

I think we all know by now how much of a complete freak I am about matte eyeshadows, which is the main reason I was drawn to this particular palette so much. They also have a second version of this palette that has more pastels in it, but I decided to go with the original. This typically retails for $42 and comes with a total of 15 eyeshadows. It’s actually not that bad of a deal when you compare it to others that are on the market right now, but it’s still more than I was comfortable spending. Thankfully, my patience paid off in this situation.

It does have a mirror included, but there is no applicator. All of the shades are matte, with the exception of the last shade on the bottom row. I can’t remember ever trying It Cosmetics eyeshadows before, but they are incredibly smooth and super easy to work with. What drew me to this palette more than the second version is the color selection. I like that these are more wearable colors for the average day and that all of the bases are covered. This palette has every crease/outer corner/eyeliner shade I would ever need.
The first row includes the shades: Sheer Joy, Soft Light, Warmth, Soulful, Mocha, Violet, Midnight, and Noir. I appreciate that the shade names are easy and match with the colors rather than being something too creative that doesn’t make much sense. The colors in this palette are pretty basic, but that’s what makes it so wonderful. It has everything you would need! Sheer Joy is the only one I had to try to build up because it’s the same color as my skin tone, but that makes it great for blending in colors on the eye. I also use that a lot to highlight my brow bone and inner corner.
The bottom row includes shades: Love, Sunrise, Sunset, All Heart, Java, Iconic, and Transforming Pearl. The fact that they included a sunrise and sunset right next to each other is just one of those simple things that makes me smile. Those two shades also look absolutely stunning paired together on the eye. All Heart is one of my favorite shades in this palette because it’s so different. It’s the perfect mix of brown and purple.

The Transforming Pearl shade is what they include in all of their palettes like this and it meant to be able to make any of the shades have a more shimmery finish. I typically just use that on the inner half of my eye and keep everything else matte. Although, these shadows tend to all have a more satin finish rather than just a flat matte. I think that’s what makes them look so soft on the eyes.
The packaging is one thing that I don’t really like about this palette. I’m happy that the outside cover isn’t velvet and that the palette itself is pretty compact. They didn’t waste too much space in between the shades and it’s not bulky at all. What I don’t like about it is the lip on the front to open the palette. Even with my small fingers, I still have trouble getting the palette to open. I would’ve liked to have seen something different in that aspect, as well as a bigger mirror.

Other than those two things, I don’t have any complaints about this palette. All of the eyeshadows are very pigmented, they blend beautifully on the eye, and they last all day with a primer. I love that I can get so many different looks out of this palette, no matter what color scheme I feel like going for, and that it has everything in it that I would need to create a look from start to finish. That’s one of the main things I look for in a palette. This is definitely one that I would recommend, regardless of the price, just because of its shade selection and quality.
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