Secret to Soft Lips

It has been super cold in Florida lately. Our lows have been in the 20’s the entire week and my lips are definitely feeling it. Even though I've been keeping up with my favorite DIY lip scrub, my lips have been more dry and cracked than I have ever seen them before. In an attempt to save them, I found another beauty hack that is even better than the exfoliating scrub. I know the cold weather is here to stay for quite a bit longer and this is one hack I just couldn’t keep to myself!

The first thing I thought about when I realized how chapped my lips were was how I desperately needed to put some Aquaphor on them. Most lip balms would moisture the lips enough and would be better than nothing, but I haven’t found anything that compares to the magic that Aquaphor provides. Not even coconut oil!

But it has to be just normal Aquaphor (store brand works just as good for half the price), the Aquaphor lip treatment is a little bit thicker so it’s not the same. I could do a whole separate post about all the different ways I use this jar of Aquaphor, but right now we’re focusing on lips. You don’t have to pile a bunch on and make yourself uncomfortable, just applying enough to cover the skin will work perfectly fine.
I just left it on for a few hours to let it really soak into the lips and do its job, but after I took it off at the end of the night I realized how soft that chapped skin was. What a perfect time to exfoliate! So I grabbed my toothbrush, ran it under the water, and went to town. By that, I mean I just scrubbed my lips for a minute or two.

I’m not even exaggerating when I say that I could literally see the dead skin coming off of my lips. It was so satisfying! And when I wiped everything away, my lips were softer than I had ever felt them before. I was amazed! Of course, as with any exfoliation, you want to put something on top of that fresh skin to add more nourishment. So I applied my favorite Smith’s lip balm and went to bed.
I can’t believe how well this worked and I have done it many times since then. Sometimes the results aren’t as satisfying, depending on how chapped my lips are and how long I let the Aquaphor sit. But regardless of that, they’re softer than ever. And not only does it make your lips super soft, it also circulates the blood flow which makes your lips more pigmented and full. Obviously, that’s a very short-term bonus, but it is nice while it lasts. If the dry, cold weather is taking a toll on your lips (or even if it’s not), I highly recommend trying this out.

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