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Throughout my two and a half years of blogging, I’ve finally realized something: fashion blogging is not for me. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve always focused on beauty and that’s easier for me or if I just don’t see enough fashion blogs, but everything about it is so much more difficult for me. My style is pretty basic and I’ve learned how to pair “comfy clothes” with the right accessories, it’s just the photos that give me difficulty. Maybe I need to brush up on some fashion blogs and get some photo styling inspo! If you have any suggestions for some of your favorites, leave them in the comments at the end of the post!

What I mean when I say I have a basic style is that I don’t typically give in to trends and buy new pieces very often. I pretty much always choose classic, comfortable clothes that will last me a long time and that can be styled with different accessories. Recently, some of my favorite accessories have come from The Jewelry Junkie. They are a small company based in Texas, so all of their pieces are made in the USA and their prices are pretty reasonable which I definitely appreciate.

I used to be obsessed with the silvers and white golds when I was younger, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve really turned more to the yellow and rose gold jewelry. I’ve also gone through a few other phases with chunky necklaces, but now dainty pieces are my favorite.
This necklace is listed on the Jewelry Junkie website as their Multi-Strand Gold Choker necklace, which retails for $30. I had a piece like this featured in a Rocksbox back in August of last year and I didn’t end up keeping it. I definitely had non-buyer’s remorse after that and have been looking for something similar ever since. This necklace comes extremely close to what I was wanting. I do really like it a lot, the only thing I would change is to take away the chunkiest piece. That can get a little tight around my neck, even with the adjuster loosened in the back. I know it might not bother some people, but tight chokers just make me uncomfortable.
I’ve also been looking for some pretty gold drop earrings and one thing that has been difficult in my search was that most earrings are too heavy. These gold vermeil diamond shaped earrings with amazonite drops ($21) are so lightweight, I’ve even forgotten that I’m wearing them at times.

When I requested this pair, I was informed that the exact listing was out of stock and that I would be sent something similar. These do look similar enough to the product listing, aside from their hammered look, different shape, and mix-matched drops. I don't know what this exact pair is called, though, and I wasn't able to find it anywhere on their site.
I wasn’t informed that there would be two different colored drops, but I actually kinda like that now that I have it. I think it’s a fun little twist! One of the hooks did come slightly crooked in the mail, but I was able to easily bend it back in place with my fingers. I think these earrings are absolutely stunning and I’ve been wearing them constantly.
The last piece that I have is actually made by one of their partner companies called HandUp Global Goods. This is their Freshwater Pearl Choker/Bracelet, which is listed for $28. Like I said earlier, I’m not the biggest fan of the whole choker trend so I got this to wear as a bracelet. It has three different lengths with two buttons to adjust to your perfect size.
If you do like choker necklaces, it is definitely a beautiful piece to wear. Especially living in such a coastal area, I see this trend everywhere with the pearls. I have extremely small wrists, so adjustable bracelets are really all that I can wear unless I have something customized to fit me. I love the simplicity of this piece and that it can really be dressed up or down.
The versatility and simplicity of these pieces are really what drew me in. They’re not too chunky or too trendy, they’re just beautiful timeless classic pieces that can flatter any outfit. If you’ve been looking for some new jewelry pieces to add to your collection, I definitely recommend checking out this brand!

~Mani Monday~
In last week’s Mani Monday, I talked about how much I’m loving the reds and pinks right now. This week, the obsession continues. I thought about switching it up and looked through my collection to try to find something a little different, but I kept going back to this Sinful Colors polish in the shade Aubergine. This is one of my favorite berry red shades because it’s so flattering on the nails!
What’s on your nails this week?


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