ColourPop Semi-Precious Palette Review

I’m not really sure how to start this post because I never really thought that I’d be discussing this brand on my blog again. If you read my original Colourpop review, then you would already know the reservations I have against this brand and the disappointment that their products are. However, I put those thoughts and background knowledge to the side to give this Semi-Precious palette the most unbiased review possible. So, here we go...

I got this palette in my Boxycharm last month, but it is also available on the ColourPop website for $26. It is a pretty typical cardboard packaging that has a magnetic closure. There is no mirror or applicator included on the inside. Normally it doesn’t bother me whether or not an applicator is included (although sometimes brushes are a nice addition), but I do expect most products to have a mirror.
The bottom setting that holds the eyeshadows does feel like it has some weight built into it, which adds some density to the product. They do have shade names and all of the eyeshadows in this palette are available to be purchased individually. The singles range from $4-5 each depending on the packaging that you choose, so buying the palette would save you about $6-14.

All of the shade names are listed on the back of the palette in the same way that you would look at the shadows on the inside. In other words, the name on the back doesn’t line up with the pan directly on the other side of the cardboard.
The shades shown from left to right in the swatch picture below are: Celestial, Beam Me Up, Easy Go, Up & Atom, West Star, Bashful, Upon A Star, and The Game. When I had tried this brand’s products before, I had only tried their Super Shock Shadows and Blushes. Since I had such a bad experience with those and being knowledgeable of some of the brand’s questionable business practices, I had no intentions on purchasing any of their products afterwards.

So even though their pressed shadows did look interesting to me, I wasn’t interested in potentially wasting any of my money again. But since it was in my Boxycharm, I couldn’t say no to at least giving these a fair shot. Every shadow in this palette is shimmery, which isn’t something I can work with very much. I knew this was going to be an add-on palette for any look that I wanted to create.
As you can see in the picture above, they all swatch incredibly well -- much better than the Super Shock line. I’ve only used a few of these shades together a few times, most of the time I only choose one or two to finish a look. The problem I had with the Super Shock products was getting them out of the pan, onto my brush or finger, and transferring that to my skin.

Thankfully, I had a much better experience with these shadows. They pick up extremely well on a brush and provide intense pigmentation on the eyelids. With a primer, I’ve had these stay in place for up to eight hours without any creasing or fading. The Celestial shade is definitely the one that I get the most use out of and can definitely see it being my go-to Summer shade this year.

I really wish they would’ve put this palette together a little differently to make the shades match more. I feel like I would get so much more use out of it had it included more wearable, everyday colors that compliment each other better. Overall, it’s just kind of an okay palette for me. I get some use out of a few of these shades, but it’s still one that I wouldn’t put my recommendation behind.

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