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Stationery has always been a huge obsession of mine. I was one of those kids (even in college) that had a slight hint of excitement when it came time for back to school season, just because I knew I had an excuse to get new stationery. As an adult, I don’t need a reason anymore other than wanting to splurge and spoil myself. So I’m sure you can only imagine my excitement when Basic Invite reached out to me for a sponsored partnership opportunity. Let’s just get straight to it because I can’t wait to show you all the customized samples I created!

Starting with the basics -- everyone can use a good note card at their desk. These can be found under the stationery section of their website. I chose to customize their Floral Stripe and Painted Wash designs. I adored the colors they had already chosen, so I decided to just add my name for simplicity.

I must not have read the product description on the sizing because for some reason, I thought these pieces were the size of a normal sheet of paper. Needless to say, because of that, I was a little surprised when these arrived. However, I actually like the compact size of these note cards so much better! This is one of those things I didn’t know I needed until I had it. How have I never added a product like this to my desk before?? It seems so obvious!
Business cards are always a must, even for bloggers! Think about it -- how many times do you get asked the question “what do you do (for work)?” When the answer is ‘blogger’ it seems to be a little more difficult for people to understand and it’s much easier to just hand out cards so someone would have all the contact information to see your work for themselves.

I decided to keep it pretty basic and easy to read with their Simple Frame design. I kept the beautiful coral shade they already had and just changed the font to match a little more closely to what’s on my website. I did keep the back of mine blank, but there is a ton of room to add more information like social media handles.

One thing I really appreciate about customizing with Basic Invite is their preview images of your work. It automatically updates the image every time you make a change, which is super helpful in making decisions on things like font and colors. Especially since they have over 180 colors to choose from in customizing all aspects of each design!
The older I get, the more I realize how important it is to keep thank you notes on hand. Whether you need to show appreciation for a gift or even something as small as a kind gesture, thank you cards should always be ready to go. I love the adorable illustration on their Festive Floral thank you notes. The font and colors drew me in right away, so all I added was my name. For generic thank you notes, I prefer the card to say ‘from’ rather than something more intimate and I like a blank inside to be able to customize it to any occasion.

Basic Invite also includes envelopes for every design that needs it such as these thank you notes, the note cards, and wedding stationery. All of their envelopes are peel and seal, which makes it super quick to use and keeps it secure during shipping. They also offer more than 40 different envelope colors to coordinate with your design!
I can’t believe it’s already been 9 months since my wedding! Can y’all even believe that?? While I was browsing the Basic Invite products, I saw all of their beautiful custom wedding invitations. I think weddings are beautiful and I just couldn’t help myself from taking a look. They offer more than 800 wedding invitations that can be customized with more than 100 different fonts! What I found really interesting was that all of their wedding stationery is part of a set and can be coordinated with save the dates, menus, programs, thank you cards, etc.

I also came across the various announcement cards. I thought this was such a cute idea and something I definitely wish I would have thought about doing after our wedding. Their Tied the Knot announcements matched almost identical to our wedding decor, I couldn’t believe it! After changing some of the coloring (but keeping the font as is), it looked like these were just meant to be.

Stickers are also a cute option that I never even thought about before! They offered all kinds of customized designs, but I chose their Leavy Love stickers that just include both of our names because it’s something that can be used at any time. They really do such an amazing job with their offered designs, that this is another one I didn’t want to change anything to.
One of my favorite things about Basic Invite is that they offer samples on almost all of their products. I really appreciate that because you can see the exact product before placing a big order, which I know can be a little nerve-wracking when planning for such important events.

If you are planning a wedding, I also recommend checking out their wedding website option. It’s free, mobile-friendly, and totally customizable. You can easily upload all of your wedding details with images and it even provides a map with directions for your guests!

I wish I would have found out about Basic Invite before our wedding because they really do offer so many wonderful products, but I’m happy to know they also have so many other options like the note cards and thank you notes. Those are something I will always need! All of the samples that I customized are amazing. My favorite part (aside from the gorgeous designs) is their cardstock quality. It’s super sturdy and feels very high-end.

I hope you found this review helpful! If you did, please feel free to share it using one of the buttons below. If you have any other questions, leave them for me in the comments section! Are you obsessed with cute stationery too? Have you checked out Basic Invite before?


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