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Is there anything not to love at Target? I mean, as if I wasn’t obsessed with that store enough as it is, the more Pixi products I try the more I fall in love with that too! I’ve been testing all the collaborations within their Pixi Pretties release. I’ve done a review and tutorial featuring the Weylie kit, my review for the Dulce Candy palettes went up last Friday and now I’ll be featuring them in a tutorial for this post. I did have to bring in a few extra products, but for the most part I used as much as I could out of both the eyeshadow and the lip palette.

Since all the eyeshadows in the Sweet Glow eyeshadow palette are shimmery, I decided to use the Maybelline Color Tattoo Eye Chrome in the shade Gilded Rose as my primer. This is one of my favorites because it holds onto eyeshadow all day long and really intensifies any shimmers that are layered over top of it.
I’m not super fond of completely shimmery eye looks, so I brought in my Elf Mad for Matte palette to add some contrast. I used the fifth shade in the palette on a blending brush and buffed that into my crease and outer corner area. I will be layering other shimmer shades on top, but this will provide a nice matte base.
Using the shade called Morenita in the Sweet Glow eyeshadow palette, I blended that directly on top of where I applied the previous matte shade. The matte background will provide a little depth to make the color appear darker. Once I had that applied where I wanted, I took an empty, loose-bristled blending brush to smooth out the edges. If you wanted to make it a little more mattified, you could blend it in with the original matte shadow or any other lighter shade from that palette.
My favorite shade in the Sweet Glow palette is Bon-Bon. I love the gold peach shimmer it provides, so I decided to put that on the inner half of my eye. I applied it with my finger to make it as pigmented as possible. However, I did make sure to leave room on the inner part of the eyelid for one more color.
I took the shade Brillante and applied that on the inner part of the eyelid. Again, I applied it with my fingers first and then blended it out with a small shader brush. Adding multiple shades creates a better contrast across the eyelid, but using only one would also work perfectly fine if you’re really in a hurry.
Going back into the Elf palette, I took the very first shade on a small smudge brush and placed that on the very inner corner of my eye. You could also just use one of the brighter shades from the Sweet Glow palette, but I love the contrast between the matte and shimmer shades in that area.
I also decided to add in some more of the very first shade that I used from the matte palette and placed that right under the lower lashes with a small pencil brush. It’s not something I do every day, but it does provide a little more depth to the look and make it more complete.
The Elf Cream liner has made it into quite a few of my favorites posts recently, so I wanted to feature it in a tutorial so you could see it in action. I have mine in the shade Coffee and I apply it with The BrowGal Double Ended Brow Brush because it’s the thinnest brush I have found for this purpose. This liner is so creamy and the brown shade matches with everything!
Finishing with lashes and we’ll be done! I added three coats of Tarte’s Tarteist Lash Paint mascara. It provides enough length and volume that I don’t have to bring in a second mascara or any falsies. This tube has actually lasted me quite a while and it’s still going strong!
Here’s a close-up of the final look:
And a quick, more condensed guide recapping every step for easy reference:
Now, dipping into the Sugar & Spice lip palette to finish up the face makeup. I took the shade Enamorada and applied that first with a lip brush. It’s a beautiful shade, but I decided to add a little bit of Canela on top to make it a little deeper in tone. One of the best things about palettes is creating all sorts of custom shades!
For using so many shimmery eyeshadows, I actually really loved the way this look turned out. I was especially concerned about the dark brown Morenita shade because I typically like my outer corner to stay matte, but placing a matte transition shade first really did help keep everything grounded. If you want something more intense on the lips, try the bright Beso shade. It’s totally Summer appropriate!

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Have you used these palettes before? What do you think of Pixi products?

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