Styling a Lace Bralette

How long have lace bralettes been around now? And I’m just recently getting into the trend, what else is new?! I always thought they were such a cute little style, but I never really knew where to find one that would flatter a small chest and how I would even go about styling it with an outfit. After what feels like years of searching, I’ve finally found one that I absolutely love. I’ve been pairing it with all sorts of tops any chance I get and felt like I just had to share my discoveries. It’s too good to keep to myself!

Finding the right bralette was the first challenge. Most of the ones I had seen were just lace and fabric, there was no padding to keep anything covered up. I’m not about that life, I need padding! I didn’t necessarily want underwire because I thought that would make it look too structured, but I did need something to provide some sort of shape.

Then I did what I should’ve done in the first place...go to Target. Duhh! I didn’t go into the store looking for a bralette because I had pretty much given up hope of ever finding one that met my needs. I just quickly glanced over while walking by and was so surprised to see this one! It’s a racerback lace bralette from their Xhilaration brand and it was super affordable at only $13! The website description calls it a push-up, but that’s not really the case. It does have supportive padding, just not what a normal push-up bra would provide.
There was a little bit of an adjustment period because I never wear racerback anything. I actually thought it was a little uncomfortable until I wore it enough to get used to it. My first choice was to pair it with a tank top. I have tons of loose tank tops that I used to wear bandeaus with when they were popular, but have given up on them because (again) I couldn’t find one that flattered a small chest. I love my loose tank tops, though, so I’m beyond happy to finally be able to pull them back out again!
I wear button-up shirts all the time to act as a cardigan with other tank tops or form-fitting shirts, but I also just wear them on their own. I love how versatile they are, especially for someone like me who is always cold! If I’m wearing it as a shirt, a lot of times I’ll wear the bralette underneath and leave the buttons open a little more. It gives the appearance of wearing a lace tank top underneath, but without the extra layers.
Aside from the loose tank tops, my second favorite way to wear the bralette is with off the shoulder shirts. It doesn’t matter if it’s a t-shirt, a sweater, whatever. I love the off the shoulder style and the bralette allows me to wear those tops without having to use a strapless bra. Strapless bras are so uncomfortable to me! The lace coming around the neck also adds a little extra something so it’s easy to get away without wearing any additional jewelry.
What I thought would be a big struggle wasn’t actually all that hard once I had the right product in hand. I’m telling you, this bralette is wonderful! It comes in many different colors, but I have a small in both the black and pink. They also have an olive green that I think is super cute too! If you’re smaller in the upstairs region and need a good lace bralette that flatters all around, I definitely recommend checking this one out. The shape is precious and it’s so comfortable!

~Mani Monday~
I’ve been wanting to wear white on my nails for a few weeks now, but I keep getting distracted by other colors. I put Coconut Milk from KL Polish on my toes last week and knew that had to be my next nail color. The wear time wasn’t very impressive in my initial review, but I’m trying out a new base coat right now so this will be a great polish to test it with. Regardless of the wear time, though, the color is gorgeous!!
What’s on your nails this week?


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