Alamar Cosmetics Reina Del Caribe Palette Tutorial

Okay, so let’s just keep things real for a moment. This is one tutorial that I was actually really nervous to shoot. I challenged myself to use almost every product that was included in my June Boxycharm and while I was comfortable with most of the products, there were a few that just did not have me running to get in front of the camera. If you know the products included in that box, can you guess which ones worried me the most? Leave me a comment at the end if you guessed right or not! This is focusing on the Alamar Cosmetics Reina Del Caribe eyeshadow palette, but there are three items that I challenged myself to use in order to complete the look. If you’re ready, here we go!!

Starting by priming the eyelids, I used my favorite Maybelline Color Tattoo Eye Chrome in the shade Gilded Rose. This primer is perfect for the lid shade that we’ll be using. It’s like those two were made for each other! Aside from the color match, this product does an amazing job at keeping my eyeshadow in place all day long.
Jumping right into the Reina Del Caribe palette, I’m taking the shade Coco-Taxi and gently placing that on my outer corner and crease area. This will act as our transition shade to the other colors we’ll be layering over top of it. While all of these eyeshadows are extremely pigmented, this is the one you’ll least have to worry about messing up.
Then I took the shade Tropico and layered that right on top of Coco-Taxi with a slightly more dense blending brush. This is where we’re really beginning to add depth to the eye. I did bring that shade in a little bit more onto my lid area, blending it in slightly less than halfway.
I decided to go with a more dramatic look than what I would wear on a daily basis. One way to really take a look to the next level is to add an even darker shade to the outer corner. In this palette, I used Guantanamera on an angled shader brush. I worked in small layers to create a sideways “V” shape on the outer part of my eye. By adding more dimension, this will make the eye appear bigger.

Once I had the correct amount of color placed where I wanted it, I went in with a separate loose-bristled empty blending brush to soften the edges. You really should do this after every step. If you notice the colors starting to blend together, lightly go back over with Coco-Taxi right on the edge of the colors underneath the browbone. In a look like this, it’s important to keep the gradient of colors visible from light to dark.
Now for my favorite part, the shimmery eyelid shade! La Costa is definitely my favorite shadow in this entire palette. I knew from the first moment I saw it that I was going to be obsessed. This is the one I’m talking about matching beautifully with that primer. To get the most pigmentation without using a wet brush, I tapped it on my lid with my finger first and finished by gently blending it in the crease with a small (dry) shader brush.
The only thing this palette is missing for me is a matte cream shade. La Costa could definitely be used as a highlight in this palette, but I like combining the different finishes of shimmer and matte on that inner corner area. I applied this with a small smudge brush and it instantly brightens up the entire eye.
This is one of the parts where I got a little nervous. I knew if I was any kind of good beauty blogger, I would demonstrate one of the blue shades. But if you saw my review, then you might know why I’ve been avoiding those. I decided to take Celia, the lighter of the two, and run that along my lower lashline with a pencil brush. Because it’s a shimmer, it does add a little more dimension and blues are said to help brighten the whites of the eye.
Moving onto eyeliner, I used the Jontéblu pencil liner in the shade Dark Brown and placed that halfway along both the upper and lower lashlines. Then, as per my usual liner routine, I went back over that with Cafecito (the matte brown in the palette) to soften the line, extend its wear time, and intensify the shade.
I continued by curling my lashes with a heated lash curler and adding a few coats of mascara. The one I used in this tutorial is Tarte’s Tarteist Lash Paint that I’ve been enjoying lately. If this weren’t a challenge to use all of my Boxycharm items, I would just leave it at this. Butttt...there was one more item that I needed to apply.
False lashes. This is definitely the part that worried me the most. I am horrible at applying these things!! I’ve only done it (successfully) a handful of times and I’ve never been super comfortable with it. The application process is beyond nerve-wrecking and to me, they’re frustrating to wear on the eyes. But I had to do it!

These Battington Monroe silk lashes are definitely more dramatic than anything I’ve ever worn before. I think that’s partly because they’re so volumizing, but mainly because the lash band is so thick. It only took me about five minutes on each eye, which was actually a little better than my previous applications.
Here’s a close-up of the final look:
And a quick, more condensed guide recapping every step for easy reference:
With as nervous as I was going into this tutorial, I am actually pretty happy with the results. I’m not gonna lie, though, I definitely felt like a clown when I first looked in the mirror with those intense lashes on! They do look a little crazy in person, but I will say that they photograph beautifully. I also added the Ofra Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in the shade Verona to finish off using all of my Boxycharm products. Those aren’t my favorite formula to wear on the lips, but I do think it worked well with this particular look. Were you right in guessing which products worried me the most? Leave me a comment below!
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~Mani Monday~
Last week’s black nails were quite the change from my normal manis! It was kinda fun for a while, but I’m definitely glad to be getting back to my brights. I mentioned that I have been testing a new base coat and so far so good! It’s held up wonderful under all the polishes that I’ve tried it with already, but I knew this Julie G polish in the shade Julie’s Fave would be the perfect test. This color is one of my favorite classic polishes, it has just never lasted very long on my nails. I’m hoping it’ll last all seven days with no chipping like the last few polishes have!
What’s on your nails this week?


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