Pixi x Dulce Candy Review

This is the second part to my Pixi Pretties collaboration review. In case you missed the first one, I posted a full review and a tutorial with the Pixi x Weylie Dimensional Eye Creator Kit. That was my favorite out of the bunch, but now I’m focusing on the Pixi x Dulce Candy collaboration which includes an eyeshadow palette and a lip palette. When I first got the package, I actually thought that this set was going to be my favorite.

The eyeshadow palette is called Café con Dulce. It includes nine shimmery eyeshadows and retails for $24. The front of the packaging is completely clear, so obviously there is no mirror included. There also is no applicator, but the shade names are listed on the back of the packaging. As far as opening and closing the actual palette, this is my favorite because I find it easier to open than the others. The plastic also has a little bit of weight to it, which makes it feel more luxurious.
The eyeshadows shown in the swatch picture below are: Brillante, Dulce, Caramelo, Piruli, Pan Dulce, Estrella, Bon-Bon, Tamarindo, and Morenita. Unfortunately I have no idea what really any of those shade names mean, but I get that they match the theme of the palette. They claim for this to be an all over face palette that can be used as eyeshadow, blush, and highlight.

The top row has more of the brighter beige colors, the middle row has all the pinks, and the bottom row has more bronze shades. I thought Brillante was going to be my favorite, but I actually find myself using Bon-Bon the most. I love the warm peach shimmer that it offers. I have never used this palette as blush, but I have used it as highlight a few times and enjoyed the glow it provided.

It claims to have a powder to cream formula which helps it to be used in so many different ways around the face. The texture of these eyeshadows is what initially got my attention. Looking at all the shimmery options, I knew it wasn’t going to be an all-in-one eyeshadow palette for the looks I like to create. But I couldn’t remember the last time I’ve swatched a formula that was as smooth and creamy as these are!
The lip palette is called Sugar & Spice. It also comes with nine different shades and retails for $24. Most of the shades in this palette have a creamy satin finish, with the exception of one. Again, this one does not include a mirror or any type of applicator. It’s set in the same packaging as the eyeshadow palette, which I really appreciate. They’re also very slim palettes, making them easy to store.
The shades swatched from left to right in the picture below are: Fresa, Sirena, Alma, Flor, Pasion, Enamorada, Corazon, Beso, and Canela. Again, the shade names mean absolutely nothing to me, but I do appreciate that they’re there rather than not having any names at all. They do claim that this palette can also be used on the cheeks, although I’ve never used it in that way before. These are all extremely pigmented and feel very creamy on the lips. I have applied them with my finger, but I prefer to use a small brush.

The top row has more of the lighter shades and the bottom two rows have more medium shades, with the exception of Beso. Sirena is the only shade in the palette that has glitter in it. It’s not noticeable in texture, but it does have some pretty gold glitter glistening through.

My favorite shades in this palette are Pasion and Enamorada because they match with almost anything. I’m not normally a fan of lip palettes at all, so I’m surprised with how much I’ve enjoyed this one. They did a wonderful job on the pigmentation and comfort of these lip colors.
Overall, these are two really great palettes and I would recommend them both. The eyeshadows have pretty average wear time and are very easy to work with. The only reason that this collaboration isn’t my favorite more than the Weylie kit is because there are no matte options in the eyeshadow palette. I just like the convenience of having it all in one palette. However, I do still reach for these when I have a little more time to look at so many different shades. Keep an eye out for a tutorial featuring both of these palettes coming up next week!

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