Ice Cube Beauty Hack

If there’s one thing I will always love learning about, it’s beauty tips. I want to know all the tips, tricks, hacks, everything! While there are a lot of newer tricks that have become popular, there are also a lot of older secrets that have been around for years. One of those being the Ice Cube Hack. This post explains just how all of that works, as well as a few other secrets I have for de-puffing under eye circles and reducing the appearance of pores. Flawless Barbie skin, here we come!

The ice cube trick has been used for years and years and is something even celebrities have sworn by. I’m not talking about the new dunking method for extending the wear of makeup, I’m talking about just grabbing an ice cube out of the freezer and running it over your face. This can be done any time of the day (makeup-less, of course), but is especially beneficial just before makeup application.
The cold temperatures of the ice cube will somewhat “shock” the pores, causing them to shrink and close tight. The smaller your pores are, the more easily makeup will glide across the skin without sinking into those textured areas. Running the ice cube under your eyes will help to contract the muscles, making your face appear more awake and bright-eyed.

Ice cubes have a lot of similarities as the jade roller that I have talked about before, but will obviously stay cooler longer giving you more time to work it around the face. Placing a spoon in the fridge for a few minutes is also a great option for quickly firming and de-puffing the under eyes.
Now that we know how to get the pores small before makeup, it’s important to know how to keep it that way as you begin application. Primers are crucial! It may not seem like much, but think about it. Would you paint your walls or your nails without priming those first? Same concept for the face. Pore filling primers will add the next step to ensuring your pores stay blurred all day by protecting the skin and not allowing makeup to settle.

Check my previous post to makeup sure you’re pairing the right type of primer with your skin and foundation!
And once the makeup application is complete, it’s important to set it all in place. Normally that’s where a setting spray would come in. But before setting spray, setting powder must be placed down first. Adding a more finely-milled, high-definition powder over the rest of the face makeup will create a more flawless finish and make the pores look almost non-existent.
Applying these simple steps into your routine will having your face looking, and feeling, more refreshed than ever. All of the extra items that I mentioned are pretty affordable, but ice is basically free so there’s no excuse not to try it! Even with as much as I love under eye masks, rubbing an ice cube in the same area only takes a few seconds and can be used on all areas of the face. It’s a win-win!

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