Our Wedding Day: One Year Later

Exactly one year ago, I was rushing around like a maniac trying to make sure everything was perfect to marry the most amazing man I’ve ever met. Looking back, there are some very clear memories that stand out in my mind, while everything else is just kind of a blur. I didn’t have a very stressful wedding planning experience, as you might remember from my Setting the Wedding series. But it really hit me the day before our wedding that I was actually getting to marry such a perfect man. Tomorrow is our one year anniversary and let me tell you, these past 365 days have been quite the ride!

We’ve been together for 6 ½ years and this last year was definitely the most challenging one yet. We’ve been through moves, a long distance relationship, home-buying, puppy training, college, career changes, life and family struggles, the works. But we’ve never faced so many challenges in one year’s time as we did our first year as Mr and Mrs. It has nothing to do with marriage, though, sometimes life just doesn’t wanna give you a break. Ya know?

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We also lived together for 3 ½ years before we got married, so actually making it official didn’t really change anything. I don’t feel like we went through the “honeymoon phase” that everyone talks about. Life after the wedding just felt normal. So normal that I’ve actually forgotten that we’re really married a few times. Since I have such a home-based lifestyle, I also haven’t gotten used to the name change either. It still seems so new!
We don’t really talk about our wedding very much, but we have constantly been dreaming about when we can go back to Jamaica. Our honeymoon at Sandals Montego Bay was better than we ever could’ve imagined. We made so many local friends that we still touch base with every now and then. We miss everything about it and are working towards a goal of going back sooner rather than later!
One thing that’s definitely been different this year, as a married couple, is the way people treat us. Even though we clearly had a very serious relationship for 5 ½ years prior to getting married, it was almost like flipping a switch. As soon as we got married, we immediately started getting treated more like adults and our relationship was taken more seriously. Not necessarily by our friends (they already understood), but mainly by our family members and any new people we met. It sounds so silly, but it’s true!
As far as our personal lives, I don’t think marriage has really changed us that much. It’s still the same silly, fun, caring, respectful, beautiful bond that continues to grow more with love every day. It’s just that now, we share the same last name.

This has been one wild year, but we got through it and have so much life ahead of us. I feel so blessed and grateful to have the promise of unconditional love from someone as kind and as selfless as Jacob. ♥

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