Pretty Vulgar Nightingale Palette Review

Finding new eyeshadow palettes is one of my favorite things. Eyeshadow is so much fun because there are so many colors to choose from and so many different combinations that it should never get boring. Every eyeshadow formula is different, so not only is it fun to play with all the colors but it’s also fun experimenting with each brand’s formulation. I’ve tried a few Pretty Vulgar products before, but this Nightingale palette was my first time trying their eyeshadows. I held them to some pretty high standards and I have to say, this palette passed with flying colors!

As of right now, I believe this palette is only available online. I know Pretty Vulgar is available at Sephora, but I’m not sure if this palette is physically in stores. Either way, this is very affordable for a higher-end brand coming in at only $35. It includes twelve eyeshadows and has a user-friendly mirror, although there is no applicator. I think that’s starting to become the norm and I’m seeing more brands leaving applicators out of their palettes. Finally! I can provide my own brushes, I’d like brands to focus on the eyeshadow quality.

It’s set in cardboard packaging that has a lot of weight to it and feels very sturdy. It shuts with a magnet, making it easy to open and close. The inside packaging is really adorable, although I do think there is some wasted space at the top. That area could easily fit three more eyeshadows!

The birdcage design is super cute and all, but the top three pan sizes worry me a little bit. It’s fine right now since they’re still pretty much completely full. I’m worried about when I start to use more of them and how difficult it might become to get the product out. As long as the quality is there, I’m not very picky about the fancy packaging. I almost would prefer all the shadows be set in the same standard square pans as the three in the bottom row.
The shades shown from left to right in the swatch picture below are: Nocturnal, Pillow Fight, Break Free, Darkside, Hide & Seek, Clutch, Flip Out, Eye Spy, Silver Spoon, Swoop, After Midnight, and All Nighter. Out of the twelve eyeshadows included, two of them have a satin finish (Pillow Fight and Darkside), four are shimmers (Break Free, Clutch, Eye Spy and Silver Spoon), and the other six are matte.

There are a few essentials that I look for in a palette and this has all of them! Every single shadow in this palette is very pigmented (even the lighter mattes) and they blend easily on the eyes without having to put in much work. There are enough shades provided to create multiple different looks from start to finish. None of the twelve shades look too similar and there isn’t too much of one finish, or shade range, versus another.
Pretty Vulgar did an amazing job with this palette! I love that they provided multiple shade options for each shade range and in different finishes. That makes it so much more versatile in the amount of looks it’s able to provide. This palette can create something very light and wearable for every day all the way up to some very intense smokey eyes. With a primer, these last even longer than most other shadows. I’ve worn them for about 9 hours with minimal fading, which is normally impossible for most other formulas on my extremely oily eyelids.

If you’ve been thinking about trying any Pretty Vulgar products, this is definitely one that I would recommend. Although I do have a few issues with the packaging, the actual product quality is what makes the difference. I also really like their blushes and their liquid lipsticks, which are basically just a lip gloss.

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