Pixi x Weylie Review

There’s very few things I enjoy more than surprises and right now, Pixi has definitely found the way to my heart with that. Not only am I surprised with packages in the mail, but the quality of the products in those packages have been absolutely out of this world. I never knew how much good stuff Pixi actually had to offer. Now, they’re one of the first drugstore brands I think about! If you stay up to date with me on Instagram, you might have seen the Pixi Pretties collab package I received a few months ago. I’ve been testing those products ever since and a few have even made it into some recent favorites posts! I plan on doing separate reviews and tutorials for each collaboration and first up is probably my favorite out of the bunch!

This collaboration is with beauty Youtuber Weylie Hoang. I’m actually kinda embarrassed to admit that I had never heard of Weylie before this and I’m not really sure how that happened considering she has over 1.5 million subscribers and has been making videos for nine years. Anyway, this is the Dimensional Eye Creator Kit that she created with Pixi. It includes a six-pan eyeshadow palette and a dual ended eyeliner. It sells as a kit for $20, meaning the two products aren’t available for individual purchase.  

The eyeshadow palette is called Let’s Talk Eyes and it includes three mattes, one satin finish, a glitter, and a shimmer. The shade names are listed on the back of the palette as you would look at them from the front. It does have plastic packaging that’s very small and easy to store. It doesn’t include a mirror or an applicator, though.
The eyeshadows shown from left to right in the swatch picture below are: Itty Bitty, Gurl!, Potato, Sista, Bomb, and Beautis. I believe she named all of these shadows after something that relates to her life and her subscribers. Potato, Sista, and Beautis are the matte shades in the palette. Bomb has a satin finish, Itty Bitty is a shimmer, and Gurl! swatches more as a glitter.  

I can create an entire eyeshadow look using just this palette, although I do typically bring in a matte cream shade for highlighting the browbone and inner corner. Keep an eye out for a tutorial coming next week! As you can see, these all swatch amazingly well and they wear on the eyes the exact same way. They’re incredibly easy to work with and have impressive staying power.
The eyeliner is a little less exciting for me because who doesn’t have fifteen black eyeliners already in their collection?! However, the quality is still amazing and if you do happen to be looking for a good black liner this is definitely one to check out. It has a felt tip on one side and a kohl liner on the other. They’re both super pigmented and last forever.

My only recommendation is to be careful with the felt tip side. It is very liquidy, so definitely make sure you allow plenty of time for it to dry before adding anymore on top. As you can see in the swatch picture below, I didn’t allow enough time and it started bleeding everywhere. For me, the kohl side is easier to work with because it’s more forgiving with mistakes. They don’t claim for these to be waterproof, but they definitely do not come off without some intense eye makeup remover. That makes it perfect for oily eyes, especially with these hot Summer days coming up!
When taking a look at the entire collaboration package, this definitely looked like the most basic set out of the three. I think that’s why this is my favorite. I was so incredibly surprised with how amazing these products are. I absolutely love the color selection she chose for the eyeshadow palette. Those are my current favorite eyeshadow shades that I cannot get enough of! I love that it’s something I can grab and throw on quickly without having to think much about it or hassle with pigmentation. It’s wonderful and definitely a kit that I would 100% recommend!!

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