Pixi x Chloe Morello Review

We finally reached the last collaboration within this Pixi Pretties release. In case you missed it, you can catch up on the previous reviews and tutorials here. I started with my favorite, the Weylie kit, and am ending with what would be considered my least favorite. However, that’s not to say that this Chloe Morello set isn’t still amazing. Because it is, it’s just happens to be the one I reach for the least often between the three collections.

The palette is called the Romantic Radiance Palette Chloette. It retails for $24 and comes with three blushes, six highlighting shades, and three matte neutrals. This palette has a lot of glow to it, which is probably why it’s my least favorite of the bunch. Y’all know I’m all about my mattes.
The palette is set in very sturdy plastic packaging with a clear front so you can see all the product inside. It does feel slightly different than the other two sets and is definitely the most difficult for me to open. It does not come with an applicator, but there is a very slim mirror. Honestly, I don’t really understand that mirror. It seems a little out of place to me and isn’t very helpful during application. There is a shade name for every powder listed on the back of the palette. I definitely appreciate that!
The blushes shown below are: Promise, Bouquet, and Romance. They all have a little bit of shimmery sheen to them, which is why they’re not my favorite. When it comes to blush, I need something completely matte for my extremely oily cheeks. The powders do swatch very nicely, though, and have a decent amount of pigmentation. They’re not the most intense I’ve ever seen, but they can be built up in thin layers.
The shimmers swatched below are: Veil, Honeymoon, Fairytale, Passion, Lace, and Swoon. These are intended to be highlighters, but can also double as eyeshadow which is how I normally use them. Honeymoon and Fairytale do look very similar. Although those are two beautiful shades, I think they could’ve switched one of them out for something that’s not already in the palette like a shimmery light pink. These do swatch more creamy than the blushes, but not as creamy as the formula in the Dulce Candy palettes.
The three matte shades (Knot, Unity, and Tux) are the most versatile options in the palette. These can be used as matte definers/transition shades on the eye, eyeliner, and eyebrow powders. I have used these in all of those ways, but my favorite is to use them as transition and definer shades on the eyelid. They take a little building up in the brows and are too light to show up on the lash line by themselves. As eyeliner, they’re better when layered over a pencil.
This collection also includes a lip gloss, which is sold separately from the palette. The gloss is called the Lip Icing and the shade Chloe created is Cake. It comes with .12 oz of product and retails for $14. It is full of shimmer to create a 3D effect and is formulated with rose hip and marula oil to nourish the lips.
The applicator is flat on both sides and may take a little getting used to if you’re just familiar with traditional doe foot applicators. When I first swatched this, I didn’t think I was going to like it very much because it’s basically just a clear gloss with glitter. Now it’s one of my favorite products and I use it all the time! I love layering it over other products, mainly liquid lipsticks. Liquid lipsticks can be extremely drying and this adds in some extra moisture and shine. I can’t stand the look of matte lips and this is the perfect solution. Although there is a ton of shimmer in it, it’s completely smooth feeling on the lips.
Overall, this is a really nice collection. Although the palette isn’t necessarily my favorite type of product, it’s still great quality and something I would recommend to someone who does prefer a more glowy look. The gloss is definitely my favorite and something I carry with me all the time. I hope they keep this in stock for a while because I will definitely be wanting to repurchase! Keep an eye out for a tutorial featuring these products next week! ;)

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