Wet n Wild My Glamour Squad Review

Wet n Wild has always had one of my favorite eyeshadow formulas. Their original trios used to be my absolute favorite. But one thing I had always wished for were more mattes. They just started revamping their eyeshadow palettes within the past year or so. Not only have they finally incorporated more mattes, they’ve also released a few new palettes!

One of the newest palettes in their collection is called My Glamour Squad. I knew I liked the colors the first time I saw it, but when I realized how similar it was to the Anastasia Soft Glam palette, I picked it up as soon as I could. I’ve always wanted to try the Soft Glam palette, but being the conscious shopper and drugstore lover that I am, I refused to pay the Anastasia prices. Thankfully, my patience paid off and now I basically have the same thing for a fraction of the cost.
Wet n Wild products can be found in most mass retailers and drugstores. They’ve been one of the only brands to have produced new, high-quality products without increasing their prices over the years. That is incredibly rare and something I admire most about their company.

This palette retails at $4.99!! That’s a $37 (or close to 90%) savings compared to the Anastasia palette. There is no mirror or applicator included and it does have four less eyeshadows than the Anastasia palette. However, I normally provide my own mirror and applicator anyway so that’s not a big deal. They do include shadow combinations on the back of the palette, but there are no shade names for these eyeshadows (as per usual with Wet n Wild palettes) which is a little bit of a bummer.
The matte transition shades that they’ve added to the end sides of these new 10 pan palettes is such a good idea. One of them is usually always dark enough to double as an eyeliner, which is something I always look for in an eyeshadow palette. Out of the ten shadows provided, six of them are mattes and four are shimmers. I’d say that’s a pretty good ratio! All of the mattes (minus the black) have a warm undertone, which I am completely obsessed with right now.

The brightest champagne shade is the only one in this palette that I’m a little disappointed by. Their shimmers used to be the most buttery, pigmented formula on the market, but this one is dry and underwhelming. The gold is definitely an intense yellow gold and I like the pink shimmer that they included for a pop of color. The fifth shade in the swatch picture below (number 7 listed on the back of the palette) is one of the most unique shades I’ve ever seen. It’s a little bit of purple with some brown undertones and pink shimmer.
Every shade in this palette is incredibly pigmented (with the exception of the champagne shimmer) and very easy to work with. They have about average wear time with a primer, only beginning to fade after about seven hours. The color selection is wonderful and can provide a wide range of different color combinations. Keep an eye out for a tutorial with one of my favorite combos coming next week!

If you’ve never tried Wet n Wild eyeshadows before or if you’ve just been wondering about these new palettes, I’d definitely recommend picking them up. The price is perfect and the quality is some of the best there is!

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