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I hope y’all enjoyed the special celebratory posts last week for my 1 year blogging anniversary! Today we are getting back to normal with the beauty reviews and talking all about Profusion Cosmetics. This isn’t a brand that seems to be very popular or they may be new since I’m only just now beginning to see their products. I wanted to go ahead and let you know about three of the products that I’ve tried from them, so you’ll be more informed as they make their way into the beauty community.
I signed up to be part of their Insider Program a few months ago and I’d say it was just a few weeks before I unexpectedly received a box in the mail with these three products: the Correct & Conceal Set, the Pro Duo Blush Kit, and the Trendsetter Brow Palette. I won’t go into too much detail about the Insider Program, but just as a quick overview for other beauty bloggers - it’s a program that you can join and all they really require is that you submit one post a month on the products they send you in order to continue to receive future boxes. I didn’t know I was accepted into the program and just randomly received this box one day. It’s well over the month this post is due, so I’m sure my Insider account is now inactive which I did on purpose and will explain why as I review each of these products.  
I understand the picture above may break some of your hearts. I know, it’s horrible for me to look at too! But this is exactly how it came when I opened the box. I emailed the contact they had included on the card that came with it, but never received a response. The first ingredient is talc, so I wasn’t in a rush to open it and mold it back together. This blush duo retails on their website for $4.99. I think that’s a pretty good price considering how much product seems to be in each pan.
The brush it came with isn’t the best, but who ever really uses those anymore anyway? They usually just get tossed to the side and I use them for self-tanning my hands and toes. Both of the blushes are completely matte, which I definitely appreciate. Although they provide plenty of pigmentation, they are pretty powdery so be careful when you’re swirling your brush around. They have a soft texture as well, but the powdery fallout makes it seem very low quality.

Next is the Correct & Conceal Set ($9.99) which comes with a concealer palette and three blending sponges. The packaging it comes with is pretty bulky considering the size of the products that are inside. Not that it’s too much of a bad thing because you can throw it away, but it is something quick to note.
The actual packaging on the palette itself is very sleek looking in person and I think it looks really nice. It comes with a plastic cover inside the palette that tells you what each concealer is for. The yellow neutralizes to brighten dull skin, the peachy salmon takes care of blue toned under eye circles, green is for correcting redness, and purple brightens veins and sunspots. That is just general knowledge that is good to know for any correcting concealer.
While the packaging on the palette may be impressive, the quality of the concealers definitely leaves more to be desired. I didn’t even get around to testing this concealer because after swatching it, there wasn’t really any way that I would be putting it on my face. It is so incredibly sticky, I could feel my finger being pulled out of the waxy texture when I was swatching it. You can see in the picture below where I tried blending the purple a little bit and the color was still obviously there. Of course, you’d have to go over with a skin tone concealer or foundation on top of it anyway, but I feel like the pigmentation on these would still show through.
When I first touched these sponges, I thought they were completely awful! They were the hardest makeup sponges I have ever felt. But the shape looks very similar to the actual BeautyBlender, so I figured I should at least see how the texture changes when they’re damp. It is sooo much better, I couldn’t even believe it was the same sponge! Look at the size difference in the picture below just on the two smaller sponges. Since I haven’t had them that long, I don’t know how they’ll hold up but I am definitely happy to see such an improvement in texture after they’ve been wet.
If I thought the Correct & Conceal had bulky packaging, I had another thing coming with this Trendsetter Brow Palette ($12.49). This can’t even be condensed because the product is sitting in the actual packaging. It definitely does hold many items, but I still think it could have been condensed a little bit. There are products in this that I really like, but they don’t always get used because it’s a hassle to reach for something so big.  
Included on the inside is a generous sized mirror, eyebrow wax, two highlighters, eight eyebrow powder shades, tweezers, gel, stencils, a spoolie, a double sided brush, and a double ended pencil. It seems like everything is included in this palette that you would need to create the perfect brow.  
Just as I mentioned with the concealers, I definitely would not recommend messing with this wax because it’s a little too tacky to keep things looking natural. In the highlighter duo, one shade is a shimmery beige and the other is a matte skintone shade. I’m not exactly sure how the matte one would highlight because it’s almost too dark for my skintone. I do like seeing so many different shade options, though. It really helps to create contrast and makes the brows look as natural as possible.
You can see in the swatch pictures below how each shade appears out of the palette. Some of them are a little patchy, but that doesn’t matter so much when it’s just going on the eyebrows and can actually help the powder stay in place. You can barely see the first two highlight shades. However, you don’t want them to be too intense because that can look unnatural, so it’s fine that those aren’t as pigmented.
The spoolie, the double ended brush, and the pencil are my favorite items in this kit. I did bend the spoolie just a little bit when I use it in my daily routine because it’s easier for me to brush through the brows that way. The angled side on the brush is very dense, so it applies the powder easily without having to spend too much time building the product up and the small shader side of it is great for precisely applying highlight or blending concealer around the brows. The pencil even made it into my August Favorites because it’s so smooth and creates a beautiful, natural contrast between the two colors.
The eyebrow gel and the tweezers are probably my least favorite in this set. Although the gel was clear, the wand on it was too big for my brows and I found the consistency to be more wet of a formula than what I prefer. It looked a little unnatural and took a good amount of time to dry. The tweezers were difficult to use because, as you can see in the picture below, there were no grips on it so it didn’t grab onto the hairs very well.
The last item in this kit were the stencils. I’ve only had one stencil set before and I seemed to have the same problem with these as I did with the other one. I guess I just have a small face and small eyebrows because only one of these were even close to fitting my general eyebrow area. This is a good idea if you have the right face shape and size, but I couldn’t get much use out of them. Although the plastic on it is pretty sturdy and easy to hold on to.
As far as buying these products, I’ve seen them a few random times at places like TJMaxx, Marshalls, and Burlington. Other than that, I believe they are only available on the Profusion Cosmetics website. Although my favorites were the sponges and a few brow products, I can’t say that I’ll be trying anything else from this brand which is why I let my Insider account expire. It’s not something that I would really recommend and don’t have the space to store these bigger packaged items.

I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful! If you have any other questions about these products, the brand, or the Insider Program please feel free to leave them for me in the comments below! I’d also love to hear if you’ve tried anything from Profusion Cosmetics before and what your experiences were!

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