Top 5 Beauty Uses for Olive Oil

In today’s world, there’s a product for anything and everything you could possibly need. While that can be very useful, sometimes it’s better to just go back to the basics. Especially when it comes to beauty! Some of the best products you need might already be sitting in the pantry. One of my favorites is extra virgin olive oil. It’s such a multipurpose type of product and in some cases, is an even better option than its more specialized competitors.
1.) Lip Scrub
One of my first and favorite uses for olive oil in my beauty routine is for my 2-ingredient lip scrub. I mix together a tiny amount of oil with some plain white sugar and scrub my lips for about one minute. This has been my go-to for years! Of all the DIY recipes and pre-made, store bought scrubs I’ve tried this one always works the best.
2.) Nourish dry lips
When I was dealing with extremely dry lips this past Winter, olive oil was one of the only things that actually worked. I tried other oils and lip balms, but olive oil was the most nourishing. It absorbs into the lips quickly for immediate relief and only takes a few drops to get the job done.
3.) Soften cuticles
Weekly manicures have been in my beauty routine for almost 15 years, but cuticle oil is something I rarely ever buy. I’ve tried a few and none of them have ever done as good of a job as olive oil. While it does absorb into the skin quickly, it also stays slick enough to really massage around the cuticle and nail bed. I’ll also use an old detailed eyeshadow brush to apply it throughout the week so they stay soft and healthy.
4.) Moisturize dry hands
If you apply a little too much oil on your cuticles, it’d be a good idea to rub the excess on the rest of the hands too. Let it sit for about 10 minutes and wash it off with soap to reveal much smoother, softer skin. If I don’t want to get my palms oily, I’ll even apply this with a large buffing brush for a quick treatment.
5.) Clean makeup brushes
There’s so many different methods and products that are available to clean makeup brushes, but I think the best combination is equal parts dishwashing soap and olive oil. I’ve done this about once a month for 7+ years now and it always works like a charm. The dishwashing soap disinfects the brushes and the olive oil keeps them soft.
While there are countless uses for olive oil, there are some instances when it’s better to use something else like coconut oil. For example, I wouldn’t suggest using olive oil around the eyes or eyelashes because it really burns if it gets in the eye at all. But when it comes to things like cuticles and lips, olive oil is much preferred. Any olive oil will work, I just find the most affordable option I can and keep a small bottle of it for beauty purposes.

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