July Favorites

It’s almost unbelievable to me that August is just two days away. What a crazy year this has been! As far as my life goes, this past month has actually been pretty easy and more relaxing than the previous months. I’ve still been loving all of my June favorites, especially the wardrobe pieces, primer, and concealer. But I do have a few new things to share this month that I’ve really been enjoying!
I have an iced coffee in the afternoon literally every single day and lately my favorite way to prepare it has been in mocha form. I shared my easy recipe for it last week and since then, I’ve also been enjoying it with a white chocolate sauce in place of chocolate syrup. It tastes just as good as a coffee shop and I can only imagine all the money it’s saving!
I had some rose gold mirrored sunglasses from Target that I had been loving. Unfortunately, the metal part on the nose piece broke in the car one day and since I was on my way to the store anyway I decided to look for a replacement pair. I was hoping to find another style with pink mirrored lenses and thankfully they had exactly what I was looking for.

These are also from Target and were under $15! As much as I enjoyed the clubmaster style on the other pair, I love that these are plastic and don’t get tangled in my hair when I slide them on top of my head. They are a little tight on the sides of the face and around the ears, but they’re super cute with the pink on pink design.
I’ve still been loving the Touch in Sol No Poreblem Primer that I mentioned in last month’s favorites, but I also just found this Elizabeth Mott Thank Me Later Primer in my collection. I had completely forgotten about it! I don’t remember where I got this little sample size from, but it’s definitely one that I would repurchase in the full size. I can visibly see this filling in my pores! It makes my skin super smooth, which allows the makeup applied on top of it to look absolutely flawless!
Since public life hasn’t gotten back to normal and with how insanely hot it’s been outside, I’ve pretty much lost all motivation to do anything other than my two-step eye makeup. I’ve tried switching it up with a few different shimmer eyeshadows in my collection, but there's nothing better than Ofra’s Bliss single shadow. It has the most beautiful bronze shimmer and the formula is just unbeatable!
After finishing the Milani Rose Butter Lip Mask, I decided to work my way through the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Lip Treatment that I already had sitting in my collection. I actually didn’t like it very much at all when I first got it, but now the formula seems more smooth than I remember. I ran through the one I had very quickly and immediately purchased more. This might be my new favorite nighttime lip balm! It’s smooth, lightweight, and has done a great job at healing dry lips.
My last favorite for this month is the INM Out the Door top coat. I used to have this years ago and just recently repurchased it after using one from EMMA Beauty. I forgot how quickly this dries! I never allow much time before adding another coat and this has my nails completely dry in a matter of minutes. It’s unbelievable and has been saving me so much time! It’s also been doing a pretty good job of keeping my nails shiny and extending the wear of my polish.
I can’t even believe how few products I had to share in this month’s favorite post! These have all been some amazing finds, though. I make that iced mocha recipe almost every day and because the top coat dries so fast, I’ve been enjoying being able to quickly change my nail polish mid-week to a fresh new color.

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XO ♥ Christina ♥


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