Lilly Lashes Triple X Mascara Review

Mascara has to be one of the most rewarding steps in the entire makeup process. Even if you’re not wearing any other product on the face, curling the lashes and adding a few coats of mascara instantly awakens the eye area. I’m always interested in trying new mascara formulas and since this Lilly Lashes Triple X Mascara came from a lash specific brand, I couldn’t help but get my hopes up for some amazing results.
This mascara retails for $24 and can be found on both the brand website, as well as other beauty retailers like Ulta or Sephora. The packaging is very sleek with a subtle shiny design on a matte black tube with gold lettering. Unlike most high-end mascaras, this one doesn’t have much weight to it and the lid doesn’t snap in place when closed. While those packaging designs won’t affect how the actual formula performs on the lashes, it is an enjoyable experience when paying so much more than what a mascara would cost at the drugstore.
The Triple X in this mascara’s name is based on its claims to be eXtra volumizing, eXtra lengthening, and eXtra bold. The wand features traditional bristles that have a scientifically engineered tapered design to provide maximum lash definition. The specific purpose of this mascara is to offer the glamorous Lilly Lashes false lash look in a bottle.
The photos below show the process of this mascara application starting with my completely unnoticeable straight natural lashes, then adding a curl, and applying three coats of mascara. What I really like about this formula is that each additional coat adds noticeable volume and length to the lashes. However, it does have a very thick and heavy consistency so it’s important to keep a metal lash comb available to take care of any clumps.
The before and after comparison of this mascara’s results is super satisfying! The lashes are much more noticeable with added length, volume, and definition. I would’ve preferred a little more length on the upper lashes, but there’s only so much a mascara can do to improve naturally short lashes.
While I do love the way this made my lashes look, it’s the formula that I’m not in love with. It very much reminds me of the It Cosmetics Superhero mascara. It adds a lot of drama to the lashes very quickly, but it can be difficult to work with because of its tacky, heavy formula. During application, clumps are a frequent occurrence and the lashes often stick together. A metal lash comb can easily fix both of those problems, but it’s just an annoyance to have to worry about.

Although I’ve never had any issues with this formula flaking off throughout the day, its heavy consistency usually weighs down the lashes in just a few hours. Then I’m back to battling straight lashes and my dramatic results are no longer noticeable. It is pretty easy to remove at the end of the day, but I don’t think it’s one that I would really recommend because of its finicky formula and short-lived results.

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