Touch in Sol Fill Up Orange Palette Review

Touch in Sol has some really nice products that I’ve enjoyed in the past. In fact, their No Poreblem Primer is my current favorite that I’ve been using daily. So I already had some high expectations for this Fill Up Orange palette, even if the outside packaging and palette name seemed a little intimidating to my neutral loving self. Thankfully, in this case, there was a comforting surprise on the inside that put (most) of my nerves at ease.
Touch in Sol products can sometimes be found at Sephora, but as of right now this palette is only “officially” available for purchase on the brand website. It is listed for $32 with free shipping over $40. It comes with nine eyeshadows and is also offered in a “Pink Parade” option that includes more purples and mauves.

The palette is set in cardboard packaging with a magnetic closure. There is a small rectangular mirror on the inside with no applicator or any permanent shade names. Two of the most disappointing factors of this palette is the cheap, plastic film that is placed over the shadows to show the names and the amount of wasted space there is between shades.

With all the empty space in the palette, there was plenty of room to write the shade names under each eyeshadow. Not to mention all the wasted potential to add more colors! I also really don’t like the different pan sizes. The smaller ones are so tiny, I can barely fit in some of my blending brushes to pick up any product!
On the bright side, at least the shade selection is more neutral. Based on the name and outer packaging, I was expecting a palette full of bold colors. But aside from the pressed orange glitter and one pink eyeshadow, everything else is pretty neutral.

The shades shown in the swatch picture below are: Milk Foam, Tart, Espresso, But First Café, Chai-ful, Study Break, Affogato, Brown Sugar, and Caution Hot. Being the coffee lover that I am, I appreciate such delicious names! Out of the nine eyeshadows, only three of them are matte (Milk Foam, Tart, and Affogato). All of the other shades have a soft shimmer finish, with the exception of the pressed orange glitter (Caution Hot).
The quality of these eyeshadows is wonderful. Every shade is beautifully pigmented and the formula is incredibly easy to work with, as I discussed in my recent tutorial featuring this palette. My only complaint (aside from the desire for more shades) is that there are too many shimmers. Because the shades But First Café, Chai-ful, Study Break, and Brown Sugar are all light shimmers, they tend to look too similar on the eyes. Adding more finishes or dimension between the colors would allow this palette to offer more variety.

Overall, this is a nice palette. However, it’s not one that I’d necessarily recommend because of its wasted space with a high-end price and its lack of variety. While it can create a beautiful look, it’s not capable of creating very many looks which is an essential factor when considering the concept of an eyeshadow palette.

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