Pixi Summer Glow Palette Review

While eyeshadow palettes seem to get all of the attention, multipurpose face palettes tend to go unnoticed. As helpful as it is to have a variety of eyeshadows available in one product, it’s just as useful to have blush, bronzer, and highlight all packaged together. This Summer Glow palette from Pixi has many shade options for different areas of the face and the quality is amazing!

This particular shade range is called Sheer Sunshine and it retails for $20. It comes with nine different face powders and is packaged similar to most other Pixi products. It’s set in beautiful pistachio green plastic with a clear lid and rose gold lettering. The shade names are listed on the back of the palette, along with the ingredients list.

The shades shown from left to right in the swatch picture below are: Sunkissed, Subtly Suntouched, Sunswept, Bronzed, Sunshine, Summertime, Suntan, BareGlow, and Midsummer. Of the nine powders provided, three are highlights (Sunkissed, Sunshine, and Midsummer), five are bronzers, and only one (Sunswept) is a true matte blush. Three of the bronzers are matte (Subtly Suntouched, Suntan, and BareGlow) and the other two (Bronzed and Summertime) have a noticeable shimmer finish.

Most of the bronzers in this palette have a warm undertone, which will provide a more natural sunkissed effect. Not to be confused with cool toned contour powders, as discussed in a previous post. The blush is a flattering salmon shade that compliments these bronzers beautifully. The Sunkissed highlight provides a subtle pink glow, whereas the shade Midsummer shade is more of an icy lavender. The Sunshine highlight is my favorite because I love a good champagne shimmer!

All of these shades are incredibly pigmented with an insanely smooth consistency that blends effortlessly on the skin. The highlights are a little too intense for my preference, but I think they’re absolutely perfect for eyeshadow -- as you’ll see in this Thursday’s tutorial! Although shimmer bronzers aren’t usually my first choice to pair with my oily skin, they are nice toppers to add a healthy glow to the face.

Overall, I think this is an amazing palette. It provides a variety of different shades that can be used on both the face and the eyes. The quality is wonderful and I really appreciate the absence of talc in the ingredients list! This is definitely a product I’d recommend!

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