Milk Makeup Kush Mascara Review

It’s no secret that mascara is one of my favorite makeup products and recently, I’ve really been focused on working my way through many in my overflow stash in hopes of discovering a new favorite. Although I’ve only tried a few products from the Milk Makeup brand, I had high hopes for this Kush Mascara based on all the hype it’s received. Unfortunately, my experience and results weren’t as exciting as expected.

I received the mini size of this mascara in my Sephora birthday gift this year, which retails for $12. The full size is available for $24 and includes more than twice the amount of product as the mini. This claims to be a super conditioning, high volume mascara. It’s made with a plant derived oil that not only conditions the lashes, but also fuses them together with heart-shaped fibers in the formula to add volume in every direction.

This mascara also claims to have a unique wand with its tapered, tree-shaped brush and criss-cross bristles to coat and lift every lash from root to tip, creating a soft feathery effect. Personally, I don’t think the wand looks any different from most other mascaras. But what was immediately noticeable after removing the wand from the tube was all the fibers in this thick formula lining the rim of the packaging. It also left quite a bit of product at the tip of the wand, which could cause a huge mess on the eyes if not removed before application.

I applied this in the same way I apply all mascaras -- two coats wiggling the brush through the base of the lashes for volume, let the lashes get a little tacky, and finish with a third coat combing straight through to add length. This might be one of the few mascaras that made no noticeable difference after each application.

When comparing this mascara’s results to my natural, uncurled lashes it seems as though the only difference is the addition of color. Besides my lashes appearing darker, they don’t look any more volumized or lengthened than before applying three coats of this mascara.

As a lash lover, this is incredibly disappointing. I had really high hopes for this mascara and it let me down in almost every way imaginable. Its results are barely noticeable, the formula has a harsh chemical scent, it’s thick, clumpy, and the pigment makes removal challenging. This is definitely not a mascara I would recommend!

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