Top 5 Nude Nails

One of the most common trends I’ve noticed this Summer is nude nail polish and I am totally here for it! Normally it’s all about the bright neons, but there’s something so classy and elegant about wearing a polish that is just barely noticeable upon first glance. Finding the perfect nude nail polish can be challenging because there are so many options with different undertones and opacity. Over the years, I’ve found a few that are incredibly flattering and perfect for every occasion!

Starting with the lightest of the bunch, this is Sally Hansen’s Shell We Dance? polish from the Complete Salon Manicure collection. This one has more of a pink undertone and provides a beautiful glossy shine to the nails. It can be very sheer and definitely needs two thick coats. This was my absolute favorite polish to wear throughout my entire wedding planning process and is the one I decided on for our engagement photos.

The next three polishes are all from the Emma Beauty L.A. Manicure collection. It’s definitely my favorite collection from this brand because every shade is so flattering. This one is called Let’s Cruz to Santa Cruz. It also has a pink undertone like the previous polish, but is slightly more opaque. Shades like this will pair beautifully with those who have cool undertoned skin.

This next one is called Love the View in Malibu. It’s more neutral with both warm and cool tones, truly making it a “one shade fits all” type of polish. As with most nude nail colors, it needs two thick coats to get the full effect. This one is slightly more opaque than the last, though some of the natural nail can still show through if seen close enough.

The shade Beach, Sand, & Tanned is the most opaque of the Emma polishes. It has a slight tan undertone, which looks especially beautiful on those with more warmth in the skin. After two coats, this one doesn’t allow much of the natural nail to show through at all. This was the first polish I had tried from the Emma L.A. Manicure collection and is still one that I wear often.

The last nude polish is by OPI and it’s called Mimosas for Mr. & Mrs. Similar to Love the View in Malibu, this also has a unique blend of both pink and tan undertones. However, this one is almost completely opaque with no natural nail showing through. If applied in thick layers, this is one of the few nude nail polishes that could be complete with just one coat.

Besides their timeless and elegant appearance, one of the best things about nude nail polishes is how easy they are to apply. Mistakes aren’t as easily seen on the cuticles as they are when using more bold colors. They also hide chips and dents very well, making an at-home manicure look more professional. Nude nails will always be in style and these are some I know are both flattering and reliable!

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