BH Cosmetics Essential Eyes Eyeshadow Palette Review

One of the things I picked up in my Black Friday/Cyber Monday Haul was the BH Cosmetics Essential Eyes 28 Color Eyeshadow Palette. They also have a 28 Color Neutral Eyes Eyeshadow Palette that looks very similar at first glance, so be careful to not get them confused. I’ve tried a couple other products from BH Cosmetics and have been really happy with their brand, customer service, price, shipping, and products but had never tried any of their eye shadows. I’ve had enough time to put this to the test and am finally ready to let you know my overall thoughts about all the details of this palette.

As it states in the name, this palette comes with 28 eye shadows and the original retail price is $20. However, I’ve mentioned before how BH Cosmetics always has amazing sales on their prices and as I’m writing this it is listed on their website for $12. Their shipping can be a little on the pricey side, although they are very quick with delivery. They offer free shipping on orders over $50, but I think that’s kinda high when their products are so cheap. You can also save money by signing up for Ebates where they usually have a high percentage of cash back for shopping on the BH Cosmetics website. I think the average is usually around 7-8%. I wish I would’ve known about Ebates and signed up sooner than I did, I would’ve saved so much money shopping online over the years!
In case you were interested, BH Cosmetics is a cruelty free company. And for comparison, the shadows are the same size as Morphe, Coastal Scents, and Makeup Geek. It was a little difficult to tell from the pictures on their website, but all of the shadows in this palette are shimmers. That was a little disappointing since I’m such a matte shadow lover, but for the price and how much product you’re getting it’s not bad. I compare BH Cosmetics to Coastal Scents a lot because they're very similar brands and have quite a few products that look exactly alike. This palette falls into the same category Coastal Scents does in the sense that you get a lot for very little money, but the quality, texture, and pigmentation can be hit or miss throughout the product. There are no shade names, which is pretty typical in drugstore palettes like this so try to stay with me as we go through the descriptions.
Above is a swatch of the first row, where most of the warmer neutral colors are. The second shade is an example of one that I would’ve preferred to be matte because that’s the type of shade I like to blend with and blending with a shimmery shadow just doesn’t do it for me. However, the first, third, and last shades really do stand out among the rest.
The second row still doesn’t get too intense with the shade range and has a little bit more cooler tones than the first row. The lighter shades are less pigmented and the last three shades look so similar that it’s hard to tell a difference, even in person and on the lid.
The third row is one of my favorites. You can see all of the shades are nicely pigmented and actually compliment each other pretty well. When I ordered it I was expecting the darker shades to be grays, but found out they’re blue when I got it in the mail. Some of these are really powdery and you do get more fallout than what would be ideal, but they’re still workable. It’s especially noticeable in the last two shades how patchy these can be. The fourth shade is probably the most unique in the whole palette. It’s an interesting green, silver color that’s not very common.
The first shade in this last row is the most pigmented of all the light shades in this palette and I love it. I really struggled with swatching the middle three lighter colors and getting them to show up. I still think they just kinda look like one big blur. While it may look like it in the palette and almost in the picture, the last shade is not actually black. It’s a really dark midnight blue.

Because of the quality of the shades and how much work it takes to build and blend them out, I don’t find myself reaching for this palette very often. I’m happy that I have it and that I got a really good deal on it, but I can’t say that I completely recommend it. Their average wear time with a primer is a little less than normal. About four hours after application I noticed quite a bit of fading and after about five hours is when creasing started. Overall, I think there’s better eye shadows available and I’ll just stick with what BH Cosmetics does impress me with--their brushes! If you haven’t read it yet, I did a review of their original Sculpt and Blend Brush Set and will be posting a review of the second set on Monday. I’d love to hear your experiences are if you’ve tried BH Cosmetics eye shadow palettes before and what you think of them. Hope you have a fabulous weekend! :)

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