Wet n Wild Trio Palettes Review

In my last blog, I talked about how Elf Cosmetics has really stepped up their game recently. I’ve started to notice that with a lot of drugstore companies. However, most of them are beginning to slightly increase their prices too, including Elf. Wet n Wild products have generally stayed around the same price point--incredibly affordable--while still increasing the quality of their products dramatically! They’ve transformed themselves from makeup I’d usually just skip right over to one of the first brands I look at. They have so many amazing products that I love and today I want to share with you what got me hooked--their three-pan eye shadow palettes.
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When I was younger, I remember these being really poor quality and something to not even bother with. Now, within the past couple of years, they have really stepped up their game and changed the quality completely. Every single one of these palettes feels so smooth, creamy, and are insanely pigmented. The price couldn’t be any better and at $3 each, there’s nothing on the market that even comes close! They have a couple others with more colorful shades, but these are the most neutral ones that I already had in my collection.

The first one we’ll start with is the one that originally stole my heart, Walking on Eggshells. This is still probably my favorite out of all of them and I even reach for it often just for specific shadows. I’m not the biggest fan of the brown in this palette because it has some orange undertones, but the two lighter shades are amazing!!
This next one is Sweet As Candy, don’t you just love the names they come up with?! This palette looks very much like the previous one, but the colors are slightly different. The brow bone shade is closer to an actual white, the brown is more on the cool side, and the eyelid shade is closer to a more true pink.
I’ve mentioned the Sun-Set to See palette before in a monthly favorites and I still love it and use it often. Unfortunately, it was in a limited edition collection so it's not readily available to find in stores anymore. I was so happy to see them release a palette that had all matte shadows in it since all the others are shimmers only. The brow bone shade is similar to one of their single shadows that I use daily to blend with. The brown is more warm, but still beautiful. The orange is very bright and for my personal preference, I wouldn’t put it on the eyelid. I use the brown in the outer corner and the orange slightly on top of the brown in the crease.
Brace yourself for this one, I dropped it and the eyelid shade was totally unfixable. It’s heartbreaking! The name of the palette is Silent Treatment. I was able to get the last little bit of powder that was left to swatch, but a dupe for it is the seventh shade in the top row of the NYX Nude on Nude palette.  This could be a nice palette for a more dramatic look, but since I usually go for something more natural, I use the eyelid shade for the crease, brow bone shade for the eyelid, and crease shade for either the very outer corner or eyeliner.
The last palette I’m going to mention is called I'm Getting Sunburned. The gold in the palette looks much more dramatic than it actually is when you swatch it, which was a good thing in my opinion. The intense pink is too dramatic for me to put on the brow bone, so I usually put that on the lid, a different brown in the outer corner/crease with the gold layered on top, and the darkest shade for eyeliner or darkening the outer corner.
I’m so impressed and obsessed with all of these palettes and cannot give Wet n Wild enough credit for doing such an amazing job creating these. The shadows are all very easy to blend and last for about seven hours with a primer before they start to fade or crease. I’d love to see them release more matte options, but until then I’ll be admiring the beauty of the shimmers. Have you tried the Wet n Wild trios before? I’d love to hear your experiences and any questions you may have in the comments.

Since the special holiday posts are over, we can get back to our regularly scheduled Friday Funny! Hope you have an awesome weekend!!

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