Hoover TwinTank Steam Mop

I know this is a little different from the beauty reviews that I usually write about, but I just had to let y’all know about this beautiful thing that has changed my life. I’m talking about steam mops, in particular the Hoover TwinTank Steam Mop. I love a clean house and working from home has made it even more important that I keep it clean for my own sanity and happiness. I don’t usually see very many articles about things like this, so I figured it would be beneficial to give my thoughts and experiences to help others.

I used to use a traditional mop and Swiffer to keep the floors clean, but those both had issues I didn’t like. I always felt like the traditional mops did a better job making the floors look better. However, the mop head was just a party place for bacteria and it was never were truly clean and sanitary. The Swiffer was convenient to use and more sanitary, but could also get pricey after a while. Especially when you use it often and for the entire house. My boyfriend became interested in steam mops and we finally decided to give it a try. I’ve had this mop for over a year now and I will never look back!
We purchased the mop off of Walmart’s website where it says the list price is $149.97, but we bought ours for around $80. It’s currently listed on their site for $75.15. It may seem like a lot to pay for a mop at first, but it has been such a great purchase and actually balances out in the amount of money it saves you in the long run. And if you sign up for Ebates, you can get cash back when making the purchase online.

The steam mop works basically just by using hot steam to clean your floors. It did come with a cleaning solution, which had a pleasant scent but I found it to actually make the floors a little sticky. I haven’t purchased the cleaning solution other than what came with it and just use filtered water instead. It does have a dial where you can change the amount of water and solution you want to use in case you’re interested in using both.
It plugs into the wall just like a vacuum and doesn’t take more than a couple seconds to heat up and be ready to use. It also came with a carpet glider and three microfiber triangle cloth pads, two solid ones and one with holes in it. I haven’t used it on carpet, so I can’t say much about that. I usually use the cloth with holes on the wood floors and the solid cloths for all other tile in the house. It has a trigger on the handle that you hold to release the steam and is very lightweight and easy to move around.
Aside from just generally having a clean house, clean floors has become one of my biggest pet peeves and this mop has made it so easy for me to achieve that. With a young German Shepherd running around, I have to vacuum almost daily and mop at least once (or more) each week. It used to be something I would do just to get it done, but now I actually look forward to it because this mop requires very little effort and actually makes mopping an enjoyable task. It dries fairly quickly, much like Swiffer and is easy to clean up. I just throw the cloth pads in the washing machine and that’s it. There’s no rinsing that needs to be done or any other annoying maintenance. I don’t have to continually buy pads or solution, I just use the water from the fridge. It could not be any easier!

I wish I would’ve known about this a long time ago so I didn’t even have to bother with the other options. But since I did, it just makes me appreciate the convenience and ease of this mop so much more. I definitely recommend giving it a try, I really don’t think you’ll be disappointed. It could also make for a great gift! Let me know any questions you have and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! :)

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